Scottish Council

News, events and details of officials for the Scottish Council.

Ferhan Ashiq
Scottish Council President


NFRN RDM Mark McLeod
Mark McLeod
Retail Development Manager

NFRN RDM Mark McGregor
Mark McGregor
Retail Development Manager

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District Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.

District & Branch Officials

For any Scottish Council enquiries please email

District President: Hussan Lal
National Councillor: David Woodrow
National Councillor: Shahid Razzaq
National Councillor: Hussan Lal

Branch President: Gordon Whyte
Branch Secretary: Ian Stewart

Please contact the email above or call 0800 121 6376

Branch President: Manpreet Bawa
Branch Secretary: Sayiad Hamid

Branch President: John Logan
Branch Secretary: Jamie Buchanan

Please contact the email above or call 0800 121 6376

Dumfries & Galloway
Branch President: George McCall
Branch Secretary: Norman Thomson

Branch President: David Forbes
Branch Secretary: Mary Butter

Branch President: Aleem Farooqi
Branch Secretary: Abdul Qadar

Branch President: Annette Hammerton
Branch Secretary: John Currie

Please contact the email above or call 0800 121 6376

Branch President: Tahir Malik
Branch Secretary: Rory O’Brien

Please contact the email above or call 0800 121 6376

Branch President: Gail Winfield
Branch Secretary: Simon Hargreaves

Branch President: Shahid Razzaq
Branch Secretary: Tony Rea

Moray& Banff
Please contact the email above or call 0800 121 6376

Branch President: James Moorhead
Branch Secretary: David Woodrow

Branch President: Stanley Middleton
Branch Secretary: Kevin Donald

District Roll of Honour
Year Name
1923 D.M. Price
1923 C.C Gardner
1923 J.B. Faigrieve
1947 George Geddes
1947 M.M. Henderson
1947 Archibald Kinloch
1948 W.M. Nelson
1949 David MacLaren
1954 George Stuart
1957 John Fields
1958 M. Donnelly
1959 S. E. Dick
1959 W.M. Keenan
1961 James Orr
1962 Jas B. Blair
1962 Alex F. Greig
1963 George Lawrie
1963 Andrew Brown
1963 A. R. Paterson
1964 W.M. E. Cross
1966 W.M. J. Cameron
1971 A. E. Tait
1972 R. McMillan
1976 D. Graham
1976 R. Miller
1977 A. St John
1980 W. F. Collins
1983 J. C. Evans
1984 Neil Kidd J.P.
1985 R. S. Weir
1985 G. W. Bews
1988 W. Murray
1990 L .T. Friel
1992 M. McEwan
1992 W. D. MacKenzie
1994 J. Young
1999 D. Donnelly
2001 W. D. Metcalfe F.I.S.T.
2003 R. O. Bisset
2004 M. Adams
2005 R. St John
2009 J. Maitland
2010 R. Parry
2013 I. Shaw
2014 A. Stewart
2016 I. Stewart
2017 S. Sisman
2018 R. Baillie