Northern Ireland District

Gwen Patterson profile picture
Gwen Patterson – Northern Ireland District President

Karen McKinney
Karen McKinney
Retail Development Manager

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Margaret McCloskey
Head of Operations

District Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.

District & Branch Officials

For any district enquiries please email

District President: Gwen Patterson
National Councillor: John McDowell

Belfast North
Branch President: Ken Chapman
Branch Secretary: Brian Gray

Belfast South & East
Branch President: Ray Hamilton
Branch Secretary: Judith Mercer

Belfast West
Branch President: John Ryan
Branch Secretary: Pauline Schiefer

Foyle & District
Branch President: Anthony McKeever
Branch Secretary: Seamus McFadden

Mid Ulster
Branch President: Raymond Farrell
Branch Secretary: Brendan Conway

North Down
Branch President: William Ross
Branch Secretary: Gwen Patterson

North & East Antrim
Branch President: John McDowell
Branch Secretary: Joseph Archibald

South Down
Please contact the email above or call the Member Contact Centre on 0800 121 6376

Tyrone & Fermanagh
Branch President: Jim Sharkey
Branch Secretary: Lucia Hughes

District Roll of Honour
Name Branch
J.F. Crispin
Mrs J. Younger West Belfast
J. Jeffers Mid Ulster
F. Gardner West Belfast
A.E. Menzies South East Belfast
W.H. Walker South East Belfast
S.G. Jonston West Belfast
H.B. Morton North Belfast
C.N. Conlon Mid Ulster
R. Nolan West Belfast
J. McCarroll,District Secretary 1996-1998
A. Templeton North Down
W.J. Crozier North Down
J. Reid Mid Ulster
H. Gannon North Belfast
H. Wilson Tyrone & Fermanagh
B. Gray North Belfast
E. Clements N. & E. Antrim
J. McDowell N. & E. Antrim