Northern District

News, events and details of officials for the Northern District.

Stephen Tate
District President

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District Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.

District & Branch Officials

For any district enquiries please email

District President: Graeme Pentland
National Councillor: Martin Ward
National Councillor: Colin Reed

Carlisle & Cumbria
Branch President: Colin Reed
Branch Secretary: Mike Mitchelson

Branch President: Susan Abbott
Branch Secretary: John Abbott

Branch President: Barrie Taylor
Branch Secretary: Jason Birks

Branch President: Judith Milne
Branch Secretary: Ali Awan

Isle of Man
Please contact the email above or call the Member Contact Centre on 0800 121 6376

Branch President: Graeme Pentland
Branch Secretary: Dorothy Cheetham

North Northumberland
Branch President: John Gardiner
Branch Secretary: John Gardiner

Branch President: Phyllis Corner
Branch Secretary: Phyllis Corner

Sunderland & Shields
Branch President: Rajinder Singh Dhillon
Branch Secretary: Rajinder Singh Dhillon

Branch President: Michael Brown
Branch Secretary: Martin Ward

Branch President: Pauline McDonnell
Branch Secretary: Kieran McDonnell

District Roll of Honour
1929 B. Storey of Sunderland
1929 R.W. Punshon of Newcastle
1929 W.H. Harrison of Newcastle
1929 T. Ellis of Middlesbrough
1929 H.J. Bolton of Sunderland
1929 G. Cartner of Newcastle
1929 J. Purvis of Darlington
1932 G. Prudhoe of Darlington
1932 J. McDonald of Sunderland
1934 H. Bowes of Middlesbrough
1935 M. Fitzgerald of South Shields
1938 J. Reavley of Durham
1938 R. Watson of N. Northumberland
1938 J. T. Walker of Bishop Auckland
1948 J.H. Spedding of Northumberland
1949 T. Scott of Middlesbrough
1950 R.W. Brayley of Tynemouth
1951 N.N. Prudhoe of Darlington
1958 T.S. Hately of Tynemouth
1959 J. Hodgson of Durham
1962 J.R. Boustead of Stanley
1962 R.S. Cook of Gateshead
1962 G.A. Ellis of Middlesbrough
1967 G.H. Bowes of Hartlepool
1967 H.J.M. Bremner of Newcastle
1971 R. Taylor of Durham
1972 F. Ferguson of Bishop Auckland
1974 T.W. Harle of Bishop Auckland
1975 R.F. Marshall of Northumberland
1976 F. Washington of Sunderland
1979 T.W. Raine of Durham
1984 Mr Pattison of District Secretary
1987 H. Cornforth of Stanley
1989 T. Carter of Sunderland
1991 J. Carter of Sunderland
1992 L.R. Gillen of Hartlepool
1992 L. Patterson of Stockton
1993 G. Nesbit of Sunderland
1995 M. Mitchelson of Carlisle
1997 A. Calvert of Durham
1998 A. Pucci of Sunderland
2000 R. Gent of Darlington
2003 Mrs D. Scott of N. Northumberland
2009 Mr E. Anderson of Newcastle
2010 Barrie Taylor of Durham
2015 Kieran McDonnell of Tynemouth