The Saturday edition of The Times will increase by 10p to £2 from this weekend (2 February 2019), while the cover price of its weekday issues will increase by 20p to £1.80 from Monday 4 February.

Retail percentage terms will increase pro-rata, meaning the profit on every copy sold will increase to 42p on the Saturday edition and to 38.7p on the Monday- Friday editions.

The move is the latest in a raft of increases across national newspapers since the turn of the year, with The Times price rise following those on the Guardian, Daily Star, Daily Mirror and The Sun.

For more information about this price increase, including new barcode details, download the trade letter.


Price Change Frequently Asked Questions

Times Newspapers has provided some answers to some questions you may have regarding this price increase.


What action do I need to take?

Update your till system to include the new barcode and cover price for The Times Monday-Saturday editions. Your newspaper wholesaler will update your invoiced price in line with the new cost price.

What happens with subscription vouchers?

Subscription vouchers for The Times will be credited at the new cover price for all valid vouchers relating to the February 2, 2019 onwards. Please update the value of these vouchers to the new cover prices to avoid customer confusion.  You then continue to return your vouchers as per the normal route. The following vouchers will be impacted:

Day of edition Subscription Voucher Barcode Corresponding Newspaper edition barcode  

Voucher Discount Value

Monday 9900263060005 9771742498615 £1.80
Tuesday 9900263070004 9771742498622 £1.80
Wednesday 9900263080003 9771742498639 £1.80
Thursday 9900263090002 9771742498646 £1.80
Friday 9900263100008 9771742498653 £1.80
Saturday 9900263110007 9771742498066 £2.00
Who can I contact with any queries?

Email with any questions regarding store processing, and for all questions from customers please direct them to call our helpline:  0800 009 4703

How does a customer set up a subscription?

Customers can subscribe by visiting or call 0800 068 4965

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