The World Cup may be over and celebrations in France subsided but interest in Panini World Cup Trading Cards & Stickers still remains high.

With enthusiastic collectors still trying to track down missing stickers and cards to complete their albums – it’s important to keep them in stock until their off sale date in October.

Chris Lynn, National Account Manager for Marketforce, said: “20% of all sales are made after the World Cup has finished and independent retailers can capitalise upon this great opportunity. The sticker collection is on sale until October, so don’t early return products and order more from your wholesaler as and when needed. All stickers, including open boxes, are 100% full sale or return.”

Further to this, there is a unique opportunity that independents can use to generate additional sales. Setting up a swap shop event, where customers can buy cards/stickers and swap those they may have multiple ones of for their missing players, can help you score some unexpected late sales!

Panini have produced a Swap Shop Event Guide on how to set up a swap shop along with a downloadable Swap Shop Event In-store Poster.

If this is successful for you why not consider other swap shop events or become known as the local collectable swap shop store? Advice on how to go about this can be found on our How to make the most out of Collectables page.

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