With effect from Sunday 8 July 2018, the Sunday Mail will increase its cover price by 10p to £1.90.

Although this represents a ppc increase in real terms, it’s actually a margin cut of 0.6% from 21% to 20.4%.

Commenting on the cut to retailer terms, NFRN National President Mike Mitchelson said: “This announcement cuts our members percentage trading terms and highlights that REACH are being inconsistent and disingenuous in how they do business.

“On a day when we were pleased to see REACH running positive campaigns to support retail businesses across their daily titles, they give notice of a decision to reduce retailer margins which flies in the face of their own campaign and of the support they appeared to give to independent retailers.

“This action can only damage independent retailers and the communities that they serve and questions about trust and fair trading relationships are already being raised.”

Mr Mitchelson added: “The NFRN calls for a rethink of this decision requesting that the same percentage remuneration of 21% is put into place for our members.

“I would hope that this was just an oversight and that REACH on this occasion made an error and simply forgot to take the Retail Sector’s needs into consideration.“

Reacting to the announcement, NFRN Scotland President Rory O’Brien said: “As Scottish President of the NFRN I’m very disappointed that REACH has chosen to cut percentage terms, effectively punishing newsagents that have been supporting the title through hard times.”

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