NFRN Events Manager Nigel Smith reports from the NFRN / Menzies Wakefield Trade Day which took place on 26 July 2018.

The sun certainly shone for members who attended the latest of the joint NFRN / Menzies open days at the Menzies Wakefield Distribution Depot.

With retailer attendance from all over the Yorkshire and North West districts, retailers were queuing to get into to the show before it opened!

Trays of Boost energy drink were kindly supplied for the first 40 retailers to arrive, while Booker provided a free case of Shoot soft drinks. The Yorkshire District generously added to this by supplying an outer of Cadbury Twirl for 25 retailers. A free to enter raffle prize of a Panasonic TV was won by Stephen Hunter, who was absolutely delighted and commented: “You certainly don’t expect to visit a news wholesaler and come away with this fantastic prize of a TV!”

Retailers attending also had the chance to quiz the Menzies management team on any aspect of the business during the ever popular tours of the depot, with the most common comments from retailers following the tours was “wow, I never realised just how big this operation was” and “now I can see just how this fits in with my own business.”

NFRN Menzies Wakefield Open Day Depot Tour

NFRN news team members Jerry Hayes and Phil Williams were also on hand to help members with any news supply concerns they had.

Commenting on the event, Stephen Campbell from Imperial Tobacco said: “Well done to the NFRN. Today has been an amazing day for us. We have sold a lot of deals, but more importantly we have managed to speak to professional retailers about the issues facing them in their shops.”

Alan Graham from Tor-Imports said: “This is the first of these events that I have been to. I did not know what to expect but this event has surpassed my expectations. My congratulations to the organising committee.”

Martin Smith from Repos was absolutely delighted to have sold an EPOS system and said: “Well – I didn’t expect this today!” PepsiCo / Walkers sold out of product with their representative Oliver Howells saying: ”Next time I’m bringing a van! Due to selling out of product I’m going to make some visits to retailers to ensure that they do not lose out on today’s deals.”

Attending for the first time, PayPoint’s Matthew Stringer said: “I can only congratulate the NFRN and the event organisers. We have spoken to so many retailers and it has been an absolute delight to attend this event. When’s the next one!” Camelot said they were also  delighted with how the event went.

The event – organised jointly by the Yorkshire District, the NFRN and Menzies Wakefield – was deemed by all concerned to be extremely successful with Allen Harrigan (Menzies Regional Manager) agreeing to hold the event again in 2019.

Look out for future NFRN local events!

More photos from the event can be found on the NFRN Facebook page.

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