NFRN National President Stuart Reddish has expressed his disgust and anger after members in Northern Ireland discovered that the charges they pay to Newspread in return for their newspaper supplies have been increased by stealth by nearly 4 per cent.

Mr Reddish said: “This is both disgraceful and ridiculous. One of our members has advised that her weekly Newspread charge has gone up from £62.62 to £68.62 – that is nearly 10 per cent. And with two news wholesalers operating in Northern Ireland she will now be paying a whopping £141 per week for her newspaper and magazine supplies. In effect, this means she would need to sell as many as 24 extra newspapers just to cover this increase.”

To make matters worse, many news retailers were completely unaware that Newspread had increased its charges as the news was contained in a note at the bottom of their delivery docket on Sunday June 2.

“We are disgusted that Newspread feels it can treat our members so shoddily. Not only was news of the increase hidden away at the bottom of some of its paperwork, with this changes coming in to place from July 7 retailers received less than the expected six weeks’ notice that higher charges were coming into effect.“

Mr Reddish warned: “The NFRN will not accept such underhand behaviour and we will be consulting our lawyers and asking them to investigate whether Newspread had acted lawfully. We are also demanding an urgent meeting with Newspread to register our shock and to get the news wholesaler to explain its actions.”

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