The NFRN, through its subsidiary company NFRN Commercial, has launched a new fascia concept to enable retailers to compete more effectively in a rapidly evolving retail marketplace while maintaining their independent status.

Orchard News in Weston super Mare, run by the NFRN’s immediate past president Ray Monelle and his wife Andrea, is the first shop to be branded as an Everyday store, with the grand opening taking place last Friday (October 6).

This new concept will be rolled out initially across England and Wales, with a second opening later this month and several more in the months to come.

Explaining the rationale behind the new fascia, sales director Wayne Harrand said: “Both the NFRN and NFRN Commercial are passionate about supporting independent retailers and helping them to build sustainable businesses with strong returns on their investment.

“We see Everyday as the perfect platform to allow us to support independent retailers in realising the true potential of their stores.”

Mr Harrand continued: “Through the Everyday fascia and its support package, independent retailers have access to national deals and wholesale supply direct to their stores without the traditional ties of a symbol group or franchise.”

Ranges and products are tailored to capitalise on local market strengths and opportunities, to ensure that the right offer is in place, with profitable margins to enable sustainable growth, he added.

“In short, Everyday retailers will be provided with all the key information to make an informed decision on how best to develop their store,” Mr Harrand said.

Everyday has been created to allow independents, who wish to remain so, to have the relevant support to help drive improved store performance while achieving the fresh look of a symbol or franchise store.

This concept will also assist retailers who have traditionally been unable to join a symbol or franchise because of their size or current sales performance.

Everyday will assess the store on its future potential with the retailer.

“It offers independent retailers alternative ways of obtaining a delivery direct from our wholesaler partner, access to leading brands, the support of a promotional calendar of events, and guidance on ranging and supply to enhance their stores’ performance,” said Mr Harrand.

Through NFRN Direct and the Shoplink website, Everyday retailers can access over 100,000 products, including national brands and staples like bread and milk, which are delivered direct to their doors.

The support package includes access to store design, project finance and energy saving equipment through the Shoplink store development team. There are also a number of additional service options to help reduce store costs further.

There are no joining fees.  For more information contact NFRN Connect on 0800 121 6376


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