Picture: News UK Director of Retail Sales Neil Spencer (centre) presents NFRN National President Mike Mitchelson and NFRN National Vice President Stuart Reddish with a framed edition of The Times from 100 years ago

Nearly 100 key suppliers, news publishers and wholesalers joined with senior officials in London last night (November 7) to kick off celebrations to mark the NFRN’s centenary year.

Addressing the gathering on the 17th floor of News UK’s London Bridge headquarters, National President Mike Mitchelson and National Vice President Stuart Reddish explained that the NFRN could look back with justifiable pride at its contribution to maintaining and developing the independent retail sector during a century of dramatic change.

But they stressed that much of this success could be attributed to the fantastic support that the organisation had enjoyed from the trade partners present.

Both Mr Mitchelson and Mr Reddish expressed confidence that in the future, the NFRN would be even more effective in helping members meet and overcome new challenges.

Mr Mitchelson added: “With our trade partners we want to work together to help independent retailers survive. As suppliers you need independent retailers and we need your help.”

Presenting the NFRN with a framed edition of The Times from 100 years ago, News UK Director of Retail Sales Neil Spencer said the newspaper publisher had enjoyed a trading relationship with the organisation which it hoped would continue for the next 100 years.


Pictures from the event

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