NFRN Immediate Past President Mike Mitchelson has made a direct appeal to the Home Secretary Sajid Javid for more action to be taken to protect independent retailers from crime.

Mr Mitchelson laid bare the devastating toll that violence and abuse takes on shop owners, their family members and their staff when he met Mr Javid in Cumbria last week (Thursday June 27).

After the meeting Mr Mitchelson said: “We discussed the serious impact that retail crime has and the fact that instances of both physical and verbal abuse against retailers and their staff are rising.

“Mr Javid asked that we continue to work with Victoria Atkins, the Home Office Minister, to ensure this issue is addressed by providing evidence of crimes and sharing suggestions as to how the government and police can help.

“He brought up the subject of “low value” shop theft, adding that he believed this should be given greater priority by the police. Mr Javid also told me that he wanted to see more policemen back on the beat and vowed to continue to push for increased funding for the police to help improve retail safety.”

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