As a long time supporter of leading proof of age card provider CitizenCard the NFRN has welcomed a new government campaign that encourages young people to ditch their passports as a means of photographic identification in favour of the PASS card.

The new crackdown on passport fraud was launched by Her Majesty’s Passport Office today (Wednesday December 21) with Immigration Minister Robert Goodwill explaining: “Young people face a higher risk of losing their passport as they often use it as a form of age verification.

“A passport is a highly valuable document. If it gets lost or stolen, not only does it cost the holder  money to replace it, but it can fall into the hands of criminals unless it is handed in and cancelled.”

Announcing the NFRN’s backing for the scheme, its Chief Executive Paul Baxter, who is a member of the CitizenCard board, said: “Our members will be encouraged to urge younger customers to apply for and use PASS cards whenever they are asked for identification when purchasing age restricted products.”

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Don’t Forget about Cashback Offer with CitizenCard

Take advantage of a superb cashback offer with leading proof of age card provider CitizenCard.

Anyone who registers for the scheme will receive stickers with a unique ID code that can be placed on the back of CitizenCard application forms and for each application received, the member will receive £5 (£4.17 + VAT) in return.

To register for the scheme members should email their name, address and phone number to

In addition, packs of “No ID No Sale” (NINS) and CitizenCard promotional material are available from your local RDM or by contacting NFRN Connect on 0800 121 6376 or by visiting

The CitizenCard offers PASS Proof of Age which is recognised as valid ID by the Home Office, police, trading standards, retailers, UK airlines and many other organisations

Unfortunately this offer is not available to members in Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland.

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