The Scottish Certificate for Personal Licence Holders is for those who authorise the sale of alcohol, or manage or supervise in premises where alcohol is sold.

The Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005, which came into force in 2009, made it compulsory for licence holders to take a refresher training every five years and renew their licence every 10 years. Therefore, shop owners who obtained their licence in 2009 have to consider renewing their licence in 2019.

If you have to renew your licence, you have to lodge the renewal application no later than 3 months before expiry date of the licence.

The NFRN has prepared some guidance for you:

How do I know if I am affected?
Your personal licence has an expiry date.

What are the key dates?
31 May 2019: absolute deadline for submitting your personal licence renewal application.
1 September 2019: expiry date for personal licences granted up to 1 September 2009.

When do I apply for renewal?
You have to lodge the renewal application no later than 3 months before expiry date of the licence.

However, the NFRN strongly recommends that Personal Licence Holders take action NOW to take refresher training and renew their licence (details of refresher courses can be downloaded at the end of this page). Licensing Boards only have a narrow window to consider applications. If a flood of applications come in at the last minute then yours may not be approved in time and may no longer be allowed to sell alcohol in your premises.

What happens if I apply for renewal of my personal licence in the three months before expiry?
The Licensing Board will not be able to renew your licence.

What are the risks if I do not comply?
If you do not undergo refresher training AND provide the updated certificate while renewing your personal licence in time, your personal licence will expire on the expiry date and so cease to have effect.


What is the next step?

The NFRN strongly recommends that you book on your course now and prepare to lodge your renewal application along with your new training certificate as soon as possible.


How to renew my licence?
You will take the refresher training and obtain the certificate (details of refresher courses can be downloaded at the end of this page).

Then, you will send to your local licensing board: a £50 renewal fee; the certificate showing the appropriate licensing qualification; evidence that you took a refresher training five years ago and another one in 2019.

How much does it cost?
A £50 renewal fee will apply.

Can I be refunded for the application?
The £50 fee is not refundable.

However, the training courses may be eligible for Skills Development Scotland – Individual Learning Account funding and for further information on this you can call 0800-917-8000 or visit

Where can I get further information?
Further details can be found by contacting one of the following Awarding Bodies:

City and Guilds:
Or contact your local Licensing Board.


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