Join the Enough is Enough campaign against increased carriage charges

Join us in showing the news industry that Enough’s Enough when it comes to unfair carriage charges and that an independent review is vital to stop more shops closing or newsagents deserting the news category.

The NFRN is stepping up efforts to show news wholesalers that enough is enough when it comes to sky high carriage charges by relaunching our Enough’s Enough campaign.

In the February issue of The Fed, you will find a postcard that we want you to complete, sign and return to us to demonstrate your anger and frustration at these ongoing charges. Join our call for a full, transparent and independent review of them.

Alternatively, you can sign the petition by using the online form below.

It is really important that you support this campaign so we can share your views, not just with news wholesalers but with the wider industry as a whole.

We want wholesalers to realise that local and traditional news retailers will continue to close unless the carriage charge model is changed.

In turn, these closures will accelerate a sharper decline in the availability of newspapers and magazines to consumers, further impacting on sales.

Since our campaign was relaunched, Menzies Distribution has announced they will be increasing their carriage charges by an average of 3.97 per cent from 1 April 2019. This is yet another hammer blow to independent retailers who are already struggling to survive in tough trading conditions.

Commenting, NFRN National President Mike Mitchelson said: “It is absolutely appalling for Menzies Distribution to put up its charges at a time when so many of its retail customers are fighting to survive. To time it so it coincides with inflation busting increases to national minimum wage rates is even more insensitive. But Menzies Distribution is a monopolistic wholesaler so it knows it can do exactly what it likes and introduce another uncomfortable hit at a time of year when small businesses can ill afford it.”

Take a stand against carriage charges by signing our petition below.

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