Independent retailers are backing government proposals to introduce a deposit return scheme (DRS) for drinks bottles and cans to slash plastic waste.

Scottish members of the NFRN pledged support for a DRS last year and ever since have been working collaboratively with the Scottish government and like-minded organisations to help increase recycling levels in Scotland.

Today, NFRN National President Linda Sood welcomed environment secretary Michael Gove’s plans to introduce a charge on recyclable bottles and drinks containers which is returned when the empties are returned to reverse vending machines.

Mrs Sood said: “We know that some eyebrows were raised when the NFRN first backed plans for a DRS in Scotland but our members care about the local communities that they serve and want to play a role in protecting the environment and their surroundings.

“But we also want to ensure that any schemes that are developed work in the best interests of our members. We therefore look forward to submitting our response once Mr Gove’s consultation opens and playing an active role in future discussions so the end solution benefits and doesn’t hinder independent retailers.”

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