National Lottery retailers double their EuroMillions sales and money raised for Good Causes in less than two weeks.

Camelot’s Retail Director, Duncan Maylon: “Everyone at Camelot would like to say a massive thank you to our retail partners for helping to raise millions in additional funding for National Lottery Good Causes over the past fortnight during the latest EuroMillions Rollover series.

“In the past two weeks, National Lottery retailers have sold twice as many EuroMillions tickets because of the specially-boosted £115 million jackpot and subsequent rolls – and the fantastic news is that this means twice as much money going to Good Causes. This EuroMillions roll series alone has raised a staggering £25 million for Good Cause projects – making a real difference to the lives of people and communities throughout the UK.

“And with a ‘Must Be Won’ Lotto Rollover tonight, our retail partners have another amazing opportunity to keep the sales momentum of the last two incredible weeks going and to raise even more money for Good Causes.”

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