Yesterday (28 October) during Home Office questions, Laurence Robertson MP asked the Home Office about its policy on the investigation of low-level crimes. Following on from Minister Kit Malthouse’s response that it was in everyone’s best interest for crimes to be investigated properly, Mr Robertson MP quoted figures given to him by the NFRN that have shown that since the Anti-Social Behaviour and Crime Bill 2014 became law, retail theft has increased exponentially.

Indeed, Home Office figures show that since crimes under £200 became a summary only offence, there was an overall increase of 19.1% between 2014 – 2018 in the type of crime, compared to an increase of 4.96% between 2010 – 2014.

In an incredibly positive response Kit Malthouse said: “If the data shows there is a problem we have to do something about it.”

Stuart Reddish, National President of the NFRN, added: “Having a response from the Minister that shows he is willing to explore just how much damage the £200 threshold has done with respect to low level crime against shopworkers is very good news. We look forward to working with Laurence Robertson, who even the Ministry has referred to as a persistent champion of retailers’ rights, to ensure that the Home Office seriously looks at removing the threshold.”

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