The PPA is coordinating the Press Pause campaign to market magazines as a whole to consumers and increase retail sales, particularly through increasing the frequency of purchase. The initiative is supported by magazine distributors Frontline, Marketforce and Seymour.

Publishers are currently running print and digital ads in a whole range of magazines including some of the best known and loved brands.

The PPA are producing a POS pack especially for independent retailers. The pack contains:

  • A3 POS poster
  • A4 POS poster
  • POS shelf stickers

Customers will see the branding in their magazines, on social media, on websites, and so showing the branding in store will resonate with shoppers and encourage them to Press Pause and take time out with a magazine, trying new titles and buying more copies.

Packs will be ready after the Easter break, and retailers can request one by emailing with their box number, wholesaler, name and address.

Barry McIlheney, CEO of the PPA, says, “The Press Pause campaign is something we are incredibly proud of and excited about. First and foremost, we would like to thank all of the publishers and retailers who have already committed to supporting the campaign. We are sure that working together as an industry will have a very positive effect on our market and beyond.

The UK produces some of the world’s greatest publications, and the magazine industry as a whole performs an incredible and underrated service that educates, entertains and feeds the passions of the British public. We want even more people to start taking advantage of this and create more ‘me time’ to help deal with the daily stresses that life throws at us.”

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What is Press Pause?
  • The campaign that encourages people to pause their day and take time out with a magazine
  • An industry initiative to increase sales by promoting magazines to consumers
  • The campaign that magazine brands are supporting in print and online
Why Support Press Pause?
  • Drive magazine sales
  • Promote the whole magazine sector to shoppers
  • Create a focus point for magazines
  • Supported by magazine publishers
How can you get involved?

Display the Point of Sale material sent to your shop to signpost the magazine category. Shoppers will recognize the brand from the extensive advertising campaign in magazines.

For further information call the PPA on 020 7404 4166 or email

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