Following the success of our summer subscriptions campaign we have again teamed up with Telegraph Media Group (TMG ) to drive Telegraph subscriptions and are delighted to bring you the opportunity to make more money during the winter months.

The Telegraph are offering you special money-saving subscription prices to offer to your customers.

This is a superb opportunity for you to convert your new and existing customers into subscribers and earn a lot of extra cash – converting just one customer into a seven-day subscriber will earn you £50.

As of 29 January 2020, 272 orders have been obtained by NFRN members, with those participating sharing £13,600.


Subscription type Price Saving NFRN member payment
7 day (Mon-Sun) £10.00/wk £4.70/wk £50/order
6 day (Mon-Sat) £8.50/wk £4.00/wk £40/order
Weekend (Sat& Sun) £3.50/wk £1.20/wk £20/order
Saturday only £2.00/wk £0.50/wk £20/order


Duncan Finlayson in Devon said ‘We are delighted with the promotion, we’ve converted several of our Telegraph customers to a subscription, helping them save money whilst earning ourselves – we have already received our new Telegraph winter offer pack from our NFRN RDM’.

In addition to these market leading payments, participating members are being further incentivised by being rewarded with a £5 M&S voucher for simply placing the provided POS material in store and sending a photo of it to

You are advised to keep the POS material on display for at least 4 weeks as you may be visited by a mystery shopper who will give you a M&S voucher for a further £20 if they see this material in store and if when purchasing a Telegraph they are offered a leaflet and advised about the offer.

If you would like advice on how to convert your Telegraph customers into subscribers and a support offer pos pack, please contact the NFRN Connect 0800 121 6376

If you are a roundsman simply use the flyers provided for those customers who read the Telegraph but who don’t currently take advantage of any subscription offer.

This offer is uncapped so could potentially be quite lucrative and we therefore ask you to actively contact your casual Telegraph customers or those who are not currently subscribers and explain how much they could save by taking out one of the four subscription offers available.

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