The NFRN is aware of the trading situation of Espresso Essential and is monitoring the situation carefully.  We are also seeking further clarification from the company.

We can assure NFRN members that all efforts are being made to assist retailers who have purchased Espresso Essential machines.

Further updates will appear below.

19 July 2019

The NFRN has teamed up with leading vending machine supplier Broderick’s to offer members a fantastic 10% discounton their range of coffee ingredients.

With no minimum order requirements and FREE delivery, this is a deal you simply can’t miss out on!

To take advantage of this offer, just call NFRN Connect on 0800 121 6376 and ask for the code you need to quote when you call Broderick’s. This deal will also be available through NFRN Direct in the next couple of weeks.

For further details and a full list of prices, download the Broderick’s trade flyer

12 July 2019

The NFRN are currently working on sourcing a new coffee ingredients supplier deal, the details of which we hope to announce shortly.

12 July 2019

Please see below a comment from Henry Howard Finance.

Henry Howard Finance have leased vending machines to customers who will have sourced consumables and maintenance arrangements with Espresso Essential. Henry Howard Finance became aware that the directors of Espresso Essential filed in the High Court a notice of intention to appoint Administrators.  We have no knowledge of the circumstances leading to this decision but are saddened to hear of the collapse of Espresso Essential. We clearly do not know the intentions of any appointed Administrators regarding the future of Espresso Essential. Clearly our customers have a finance agreement with us so we urge them to make alternative arrangements for consumables should they choose. We have written to all impacted customers, our approachable customer support team are also happy to answer any questions from Espresso Essential customers in the meantime.