Earn £75 when you recommend us to a fellow retailer

The NFRN has launched a new rewards programme which encourages members to recruit fellow independent retailers.

So if you love everything your NFRN membership has to offer, why not spread the word?

Earn £75 for each retailer you recruit


Uncapped earning potential


Help spread the word of the NFRN


Member 2 Member

Independent retailers are facing unprecedented challenges and change at the moment but NFRN membership provides access to a wide range of benefits, advice, support and information to enable them to make the best business decisions, improve their profitability and make and save money.

Called Member 2 Member, the scheme will see payments of £75 made to existing NFRN members for each new member who is recruited and who stays in membership for at least three months.

This generous bonus also means that the more independent retailers you get to join us, the more uncapped earning potential you can realise!

Unveiling the initiative, National President Stuart Reddish said: “Who better is there to explain the benefits of being in membership than existing members who know what this provides and its true value.  We want our members to spread the news as to how belonging to the NFRN can boost the businesses of independent retailers, saving them time and making them money and recruit their friends and colleagues.”

Mr Reddish continued: “By doing so, members will strengthen the NFRN and receive financial recognition for their recruitment efforts.”

What you need to do

To participate in the Member 2 Member scheme, download and print the application form and direct debit form below and help the new member complete it, then return fully to: NFRN Members Contact Centre, 108- 109 Gilesgate, Durham DH1 1JA

Once we have processed the application a member of the NFRN team will be in touch to finalise payment.

For more details contact the NFRN’s administration department on 0800 121 6376 (select option 4) or email a-form@nfrn.org.uk

Member 2 Member Q&A

NFRN recruitment and retention manager Beverly Turner explains more about the new scheme.

What exactly do members have to do?

It’s so easy and there are a number of ways to recruit. There is an application form that can be downloaded above This needs to be completed with the new member’s details before being forwarded to our administration office in Durham. Alternatively, give the Durham
office a call on 0800 121 6376 and select option four or email aform@nfrn.org.uk and an application form will be posted out to you.

We can even take payment by credit card over the phone or set up a direct debit for the upcoming fees.

A special Member2Member recruitment pack has also been produced for members who want to actively go out to recruit a number of new members. We can even offer training sessions to support this.

Can any member participate?

Yes, any fully paid up or life member can participate, and we would encourage all members to introduce at least one potential new member.

Do you have any recruitment tips?

Keep it relevant and keep it simple. The NFRN has so much to offer that it could be confusing to attempt to tell a potential recruit everything. Choose three or four benefits that are relevant to the potential new member and make them part of your conversation.

NFRN Legal and NFRN Legal Plus are two of the main member benefits which are invaluable for any retailer as these include cover for tax investigations and employment legal support.

Our Retail Standards programme gives members access to a portfolio of documents and training modules on a wealth of subjects, including customer service, health and safety, selling alcohol, and on sales and shrinkage.

NFRN Connect is the support arm of the NFRN with a friendly professional trained support team who offer help and advice to ensure members can run their businesses as successfully as possible. NFRN Connect also helps members resolve issues that they may have with their news wholesaler effectively and efficiently. It is also very successful in recouping money owed to members. Did you know, for instance, that in the past year it has recovered nearly £250,000?

Are there any conditions of recruitment?

There are a few conditions to make sure this opportunity to earn is beneficial to both recruiting members and to the NFRN and we have kept these to a minimum. To qualify for the payment the new member must:

  • Be a full member, affiliate member or life member.
  • Three months of full fees must be collected.
  • The recruited member has not previously been a member of the NFRN within the previous 12 months.

Full terms and conditions are available at the bottom of this page.

How soon will successful recruiters get paid?

As I explained earlier, completed application forms should be sent to our administration team in Durham. It is important to make sure that the right-hand corner of the application form has been filled in with your name, your shop name and postcode to make sure we can identify you for payment. We will then do the rest. Once three months’ worth of fees has been collected from the new member, the recruiter will automatically receive their payment as a thank you.

We will send the new member a welcome letter and pack and we will then arrange contact with our operations team who will discuss our service in more detail.

Are there any promotional materials for members to use?

We have a new Member2Member pack which includes the application form, self-addressed envelope and a benefits leaflet to assist with recruiting.

Over the past few weeks I have been chatting to some of our members and they have given me some valuable advice and shared some funny and some horror stories about issues they have had that the NFRN has been able to resolve. This has cemented my belief in what the NFRN has to offer. By supporting each other we can only get stronger.

Terms & Conditions

Recruiting Member must be a full fee paid up member.

Payment of Recruitment fee to Recruiting Member is subject to the newly signed up member having successfully paid 3 full month’s fee, and a completed, signed application form being received at the NFRN Admin office Durham.

No fee will be paid to Recruiting Member if the newly signed up member had previously been a member of NFRN at the same business address within the previous 12 months.

Recruitment Fee is only payable to Recruiting Member for recruitment of Full Members and Affiliated Members. Please note no payment will be paid to Recruiting Members for Associate Members (Legal), Retail Members & Life Members.

Recruiting Members are not employees of the NFRN and as such are not authorised to take payments on behalf of the NFRN, any fee payments should be made directly to the NFRN via the New Member either by completing the payment application form or contacting NFRN directly by telephone on 0800 121 6376 and selecting option 4.

Due to GDPR the Recruiting Member must not hold any personal data on any New Member. This data must be posted directly to NFRN Admin Office Durham.

Cancellation of Membership is subject to the NFRN Rule 5: (f) Members may withdraw from membership on three month’s notice in writing to the Head Office.

Member Benefits

NFRN Credit Union

NFRN Credit Union

Members own credit union with account and low cost borrowing facilities.

Retail Standards

Retail Standards

Training modules, customer service, health & safety, food hygiene. Essential business checklists and guides and factsheets. Free 1 hours advice from Licensing Matters, saving £120.

NFRN Legal Plus

NFRN Legal Plus

Access a comprehensive package of legal support for your business to ensure you stay on top of complex legislation changes.

NFRN Fuelwise

NFRN Fuelwise

Fuelwise cards accepted across UK & ROI  petrol filling station stations. Save an average £280 per year.

NFRN Connect

NFRN Connect

Our call centre is open 7 days per week and is our members first point of contact in cases of emergency and support as well as advising on a wide range of business issues.

The Retail Mutual

The Retail Mutual

Insurance provider to a wide range of businesses, who understand business needs of the independent retailer.

NFRN Legal

NFRN Legal

Cover up to £100,000 per claim. Access to legal advice 24/7 from legal professionals. Tailor made business templates