Keep Sunday Special!

With the government considering changes to the Sunday trading laws in England and Wales to allow larger stores to open all day on a Sunday, the NFRN is working with others across the industry to oppose this damaging and unnecessary change.

Supporters of change argue that it will provide a boost of the High Street but the evidence of 2012, when the restrictions were lifted for the Olympics, is that those who ordinarily shopped in supermarkets still did, but spread over 7 days not 6, and that other trade was displaced from independent retail to the supermarkets.

The net result will, therefore, be increased overheads for  supermarkets  no overall increase in sales, and, more importantly, a loss of business and jobs in the independent sector.

To support this campaign, the NFRN has produced a range of materials, including a letter you can send to your MP and posters for display in your store.

Raise this issue with your MPs!

The NFRN has drafted a letter for members in England and Wales to send to their MPs, asking them to vote against any legislation brought before parliament to relax the current Sunday trading laws.

The letter can be downloaded Here.

Email addresses for MPs are available from the following link:

Please do seek the support of your MP and let us know of any responses you receive. Email

Posters to display in store:

Poster – Sunday Morning

Poster – Sunday Evening

NFRN’s National President, Stuart Reddish’s video to Boris Johnson:

Make your own video to support the #KeepSundaySpecial campaign:

#KeepSundaySpecial Sign

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