In order to meet the demands of your Store2Door customers, you may need to ask your wholesaler to change your Required Delivery Time.

How to Change your RDT (Required Delivery Time):

  • Contact your news wholesaler and establish what time they have on their system. This may differ from your current Actual Delivery Time (ADT) but it is important to find this out, as it’s the RDT that any compensation claim for poor service is based on.
  • If your RDT does not reflect your business needs, you should write to your local branch and request a change outlining why you need an earlier delivery. You can use this example RDT letter. It is advisable to keep a copy of this letter and to send by recorded delivery.
  • Your news wholesaler will get back to you and either agree a new RDT or offer a Scheduled Delivery Time (SDT). This is offered when they cannot agree a time with you for operational reasons and will offer the best time they can deliver.
  • If you disagree with the SDT, you should call NFRN Connect on 0800 121 6376 who will escalate the issue and the decision will be looked at again. Sometimes this may involve a compromise solution based on logistical challenges.
  • If you remain unhappy with the outcome, you can lodge a complaint with the PDF who will look at the issue and will refer to an independent arbitration. The PDF can be contacted by emailing or by calling 0843 289 3967.

Development Loans

  • Your news wholesaler could provide you with financial support through interest free loans. These are subject to terms and conditions but should offer a solution to raising finance for equipment you may require for your new business like delivery bags, trolleys, EPOS systems etc. Examples of the Menzies Distribution and Smiths News development loan schemes can be downloaded below:

Smiths News Development Loan

Menzies Distribution Development Loan

  • In addition, the main wholesalers will have business partners who offer Store2Door Epos solutions, who allow you to pay them back through your news bill each week. It’s advisable to look at all costs before deciding whether this is the correct approach for you. Before committing to a new EPOS system, talk to other Store2Door retailers and the Store2Door team about the very latest solutions available.


  • Initially it is important to inform your news wholesaler of your intention to start a Store2Door business and request that they allow for additional copy for the first weeks to be set aside for you as you develop your business.
  • Although it is important to inform your news wholesaler of your Store2Door business, they currently have no business wide solution to lock in actual copies you require and there is a risk of short supply from the automated allocation system. There are currently successful trials where  the Store2Door supply is recognised and the Store2Door team are pushing to make this the norm and not  the exception.
  • If you are finding you are consistently being cut below your requirement call your news wholesaler in the first instance. If this doesn’t resolve the problem call NFRN Connect on 0800 121 6376.

TPI Payments

  • As a Store2Door service provider you are entitled to extra payments to cover the cost of any additional inserts in any of the newspaper listed below. Contact your wholesaler to register for TPI payments. Comparison of publisher schemes for Third Party Advertising Inserts
  • Once registered are paid to you through your wholesale Newsbill each quarter and remember  these payments are in addition to the current 2p manual insertion fees.


If you experience serious or persistent service problems (3 instances of the same problem over a two week period Mon-Fri) from your wholesaler you may claim compensation. In the case of Store2Door you may claim 55p for each copy you have to rerun as a result of late delivery which falls within the criteria above. This is in addition to any lost profit claimed for lost casual sales. This can be claimed through your news wholesaler. For a more extensive list of what qualifies for compensation and how to claim, download the NFRN’s Restitution Quick Guide

If after contacting your news wholesaler you are experiencing difficulty, you should contact the Store2Door team on 0800 917 8884 (free from UK landline phones) or email

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