Each week the NFRN compiles data on publisher in-bound performance at each of the wholesale depots across the country.

It consists of a weekly overview across both Smiths and Menzies depots. It also shows the number of copies delivered late.

Weekly Summary Report (1 August 2020)

Weekly missed cut off for each week this year

These show a weekly publisher performance, retailer performance by day, and a summary of depot performance day-by-day. They also show publisher in-bound times by depot by day, reruns, and RDT performance by depot.

Menzies NDM

NDM spreadsheets now have new extra tab titles late titles. This details all titles that have arrived less than 15 minutes from cut off by day as per NMA criteria. Members can then use this tab to check whether NMA criteria has been met.

Menzies Report (1 August 2020)

Menzies Report (25 July 2020)

Menzies Late Titles

The spreadsheets below detail the titles that have been late 3 times in 3 weeks by depot:

Menzies Late Titles 12 July to 1 August 2020

Menzies Late Titles 5 July to 25 July 2020

Wholesaler & Publisher Performance

Detailing the depots with the lowest RDT percentage compliance and the publishers with the most number of cut offs missed.

Menzies Distribution – Poorest Depots (1 August 2020)

Publisher Performance (1 August 2020)

Wholesale Map Number of Closures (25 March 2020)

How to claim restitution when your papers are late

To find out about claiming restitution download our Restitution Quick Guide

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