Home News Delivery (HND) is for many newsagents the backbone of their business and it’s no wonder, as simply delivering to just 30 customers (normally one delivery round) each day is worth a staggering £2,500 a year!

That’s why the NFRN set about in bolstering HND by launching the Store2Door initiative and aims to help members to improve their HND service or seriously consider introducing one. In the current economic climate, it is essential that you look at your business in a bid to squeeze every last penny of profitability out of it.

Setting out the Federation’s plans to kick start HND, chief executive Paul Baxter said: “HND is a fantastic opportunity for the independent news retailer and there is no larger player in this market than the NFRN and our members who are responsible for at least 60 per cent of all delivered newspapers.”

He added: “Under our HND brand, Store2Door, we have a number of initiatives underway which will mean real business growth for participating members.”

For helpful advice on how to start or grow your Home News Delivery business, visit the Store2Door page.

For more information call the S2D team on 0800 917 8884 (free from UK landline phones) or email info@store-2-door.co.uk. Alternatively, register online for the Store2Door Accreditation Scheme.

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