Calculating the actual profit from the Store2Door service you operate involves a lot of separate calculations and therefore is not an exact science. For ease we have split the calculations into 4 sections:

Step 1 – Delivery Service Charge Profit / Loss

Step 2 – Newspaper Profit Margin

Step 3 – Other Home Delivery Costs

Step 4 – Your Valuation

The intention in each of the sections is three fold:

1. Show you as many of the variables involved in reaching the calculations.

2. Allow you to use the calculators provided to illustrate the profit or loss derived in any section and at critical junctures that you need.

3. Allow you to ask important questions throughout.

It is important to note that the calculations are based on average numbers and for a full operating year. These are explained in each part and must be considered in the context of your own business today and how you might be considering furthering developing it.

To download the Store2Door Profit Calculator, click the button below and open the Excel spreadsheet (this may appear on the bottom left of your screen). The Calculator was last updated on 9 March 2017.

If you have any questions or need help to complete your review, please contact the S2D team on 0800 917 8884 or email Alternatively, register online for the Store2Door Accreditation Scheme.


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