Show Me ID – Be Age Ok is the largest youth access prevention campaign in the country and aims to assist retailers in preventing minors from accessing tobacco and other age restricted product. This year’s campaign will have its pilot campaign exclusively in Munster taking place the week of 12 November 2018.

As part of the Show Me ID Awareness Week 2018, many of our members in the Republic of Ireland will receive a Show Me ID Retailer Responsibility Pack. This pack contains materials which will provide you and your staff with all the information and tools to assist in the prevention of sales of age restricted products to minors.

All retail store owners and managers know that their best efforts to comply with regulations are only as good as the weakest link. When it comes to the sale of age-restricted products, such as tobacco, one mistake by a member of staff can lead to that member and the manager being prosecuted under the Public Health (Tobacco) Acts.

Retailers will also be encouraged to ensure that their staff have undergone the free, online training in age restricted sales available at During the Awareness Week (Monday 12th November – Sunday 18th November) JTI, P.J Carroll and John Player trade representatives will be talking to retail staff about the initiative. Staff are then encouraged to take the 10-minute training module section on the website for the chance to win a €400 all for one voucher.

Source: Show Me ID

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