Lottery retailers have been boosted by the news that the EuroMillions and Lotto jackpots continued to roll through the weekend.

So, there are even more chances for National Lottery outlets to capitalise on increased sales for tickets for two mega prizes in the coming days, with:

  • a £99 million jackpot up for grabs on EuroMillions on Tuesday
  • a £24.7 million MUST BE WON Lotto jackpot on offer on Wednesday. If no players match all 6 numbers, the jackpot amount will roll down to the next prize tier with at least one winner, for example 5+Bonus.

James Pearson, Camelot’s Head of Retail, said: “Retailers have a fantastic opportunity here to boost their National Lottery sales with two hugely exciting EuroMillions and Lotto jackpots on offer so close together. It’s a great way for them to be able to excite existing regular players, engage customers in conversation and bring new or occasional players into the games, by up-selling tickets based on the incredible sums of money available.

“So far in 2017, Lotto has created 11 jackpot winners, as well as 39 guaranteed millionaires through the Lotto raffle. And UK players are on something of a lucky streak when it comes to EuroMillions jackpots, with 18 jackpot wins in the past 24 months, compared to Spain’s 13 and France’s total of just 9 jackpots won in the last two years[1]. We’re looking forward to hopefully creating some more lucky millionaires this weekend and our retailers could also win big by boosting their bottom lines.”



Retailers encouraged to ‘roll-up’ for a massive weekend of National Lottery sales

19 May 2017

National Lottery retailers are being encouraged to make the most of a mega two days for National Lottery jackpots, with EuroMillions offering an eye-watering £92 million in tonight’s draw and a Lotto rollover pot of nearly £23 million up for grabs on Saturday night.

Retailers could cash in on bumper sales as huge numbers of players are expected to buy tickets for the draws, securing their chance of winning one of the life-changing sums of money. Camelot will be further boosting player interest with a large tactical support campaign running from today, across TV, radio, press, outdoor and digital channels.

Tonight’s mega EuroMillions jackpot is the result of the pan-European rolling since 11 April, while Lotto has rolled nine times without anyone hitting the jackpot, meaning the prize on offer on Saturday will be a massive £22.9 million.

Lotto’s £22 million cap means that once the jackpot hits £22 million, it can only roll once more before it must be won. So if no one scoops Saturday’s jackpot, it will only be able to roll once more to Wednesday, when it must be won – if this happens and no one were to then match six numbers, the jackpot would roll down to the next prize tier, where there is at least one prize winner (for example, Match 5+Bonus).


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