Publisher Contact Details

The NFRN takes the issue of late delivered newspapers very seriously and raise concerns with publishers at every opportunity. Each has committed to making improvements where possible and have also asked significant service failing are reported to them so it can be followed up with the supplying wholesaler.

Publisher Telephone Email
FT 0203 353 4001
Guardian 0203 353 2000
Mail Newspapers 0345 071 27 20*
Mirror Group 0207 293 3015
News UK ** 020 7782 6000
Telegraph 0207 931 2940
Express Newspapers 0208 612 7644

* Call charges vary according to the service provider

** News UK has asked that this is used in exceptional circumstances and only when members have been unable to obtain an immediate response from their wholesaler.

While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy, relevance and up-to-date nature of the information contained on this page, the NFRN assume no responsibility for its content, use or interpretation.

How to claim restitution when your papers are Late

To find out more about claiming restitution download our Restitution Quick Guide

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