The NFRN is part of an industry wide group tasked with improving sales of Partworks and addressing supply chain inefficiencies that prevent you from giving the best service to your customers.

This pivotal role has addressed a number of the existing problems and has made massive strides to achieving the objectives set out at the start.

Through a pan-industry collaboration, key improvements include:

Copy Management

  • Better advance notice on each new launch
  • Pre-order capability
  • HND & Shop Save protection
  • Full SOR

Due Book Resolution

A new system is also now in place to help resolve outstanding due-book orders through:

  • A smarter use of returns
  • Access to Publisher Subscription stock
  • Greater picking frequency
  • Sharing of stock between depots and wholesaler businesses
  • Amnesty missed returns opportunities for stock reutilisation


Already to date thousands of outstanding orders have finally been fulfilled, and with Key Performance Indicators in place aimed to drive performance and monitor standards and a need to drive customer traffic, in-store Partworks must now be considered a must stock in your business. NFRN Head of News, Brian Murphy

Some Handy Hints and Tips to Maximise Your Partwork Sales

First of all give every new launch a chance – don’t return copies early

It might not always be a subject matter that appeals to you but with the significant investment and the research and development that goes into each one, it is almost certain that what you receive will be suitable to some of your customers.

Make the most of above the line advertising – Partworks are usually advertised for at least two weeks from the launch date

Display the products on or adjacent to your till, and multi-face the product in a prime selling position as well as on your magazine display.

Advertise to your customers if you offer a shop save and HND service – this is particularly important to remember to offer at Part 1

Capturing sales at the beginning will ensure you will reap the rewards later. Train your staff to tell customers every time they buy a Partwork that you can reserve or deliver their copy to avoid disappointment (but take deposits to avoid losses).

Engage with your wholesaler  – pre-order if you sell out

Please contact your wholesaler as there is a usually a generous trade counter available aimed to help avoid any packing shortages or consumer disappointment.

Back issues – if you get customers asking for back issues

Make sure you place the order with your wholesaler ASAP.  Never before is more being done to source any missing issues.

Manage your supply figures – if you are in a high footfall area

Ensure that you maintain enough copy for casual / impulse purchases, so you can accurately re-assess your order each week to ensure you only get what your customers require.