The toolkit is spilt into 4 areas and is available to any member at any time, but ideally best used when you are starting out, have a new member of staff managing the category for you or after you have undergone the Newspro Health Check experience first and re-engaged back into the category.

The intention behind this approach is to help you focus on the areas of category management that you understand and are confident with or for the NFRN to provide you with the support you need to maximise your profitability in any new areas that you may not have thought about.

Each of the items in the toolkit is available for free and can be posted or emailed to you. If you would like to request any of the toolkit items please email

The 4 parts of the toolkit are:

  1. Serving your Customers
  2. Sales, Product & Promotional Information
  3. Helpful Advice & Information
  4. Developing your Display

1. Serving your Customers

Retailer serving customer

Serving customers and satisfying their needs is at the very heart of good retailing.

Sadly however and often due to busy schedules or the wrong assumption that every customer already knows what you stock and what services you offer, the basic services you offer can be overlooked and in turn the overall profitability of your business reduced.

Through NFRN Newspro we have included three initial items to help you serve your customers better:

a) Just Ask

Just Ask is the only recognised industry consumer facing brand that is understood and continues to show increasing awareness to customers.  Selling areas are limited and Newspro encourages all stores to expand their virtual magazine space by placing one-off or regular orders for any customers.

To request a POS pack which includes posters and shelf cards for free, please email

b) ‘Newspaper and Magazines on sale here’ poster

The move to convenience and larger store format type retailing has resulted in many newspaper and magazine displays being reduced. This together with a number of multiple retailers moving this category back further into their store is leading to customers finding it harder to find the magazines they want. Therefore, by using a ‘Newspaper and Magazines on sale here’ poster, it reminds customers that you offer this product.

Download the poster here: Newspapers and Magazines on sale here

c) We accept vouchers

For many members, vouchers are either loved or hated, but what is for sure, is that paper based vouchers are on the increase and consumers are actively looking for money off offers / savings in these difficult economic times.

Using the posters below in your store can build and create a local USP as well as avoid any difficulties for customers who might be reluctant to ask you. To download just click on the required poster below and then display them prominently in-store.

Download the poster here:  All Vouchers Accepted Here

Download the poster here:  Newspaper Vouchers Accepted Here

2. Sales, Product & Promotional Information

NFRN Newspro magazine display unit in convenience store

Magazines are a unique product in the sense that they cater for virtually every need and every type of customer.

In recent times the slowdown of new major product launches and the opportunity to get the same content at vastly reduced discounts through subscription offers, online mediums and the world of free press has reduced the attraction of the category to consumers.

We see this differently and believe consumers will engage if they are simply reminded that it is still something they need and cannot afford to miss out on.

The intention behind this section of the Toolkit is to raise awareness of what a store can be doing locally as well to build customer loyalty and how to partake in centrally led promotional opportunities.

In this section there are four areas to help you grow your profitability:

a) Newspro Events Calendar

This calendar will help you understand the peaks and dips of each of the many magazine sectors. This will also help as a reminder to order at times of local events or perhaps at bank holidays. This calendar is sent to all members with an email address at the start of each year and is constantly reviewed.

Download the calendar here: Newspro Events Calendar

b) Newspro Email Alerts

Newspro email alerts will update you with the very latest product information. We believe these short updates on product launches or special issues will allow you to make better informed buying and displaying decisions and in-turn maximise your profitability on any advised product lines.

c) Magazine sales reporting through ABC

The latest ABC (Audit Bureau of Circulations) results continue to indicate underlying concerns about the magazine industry but also remind us of the ever important need to keep your magazine display range fresh, appealing and balanced, with confidence to remove titles which are not giving you the profitability from the space you allow it.

Every title registered with ABC must issue a basic certificate, called a ‘STANDARD’ certificate on a regular and continuous basis.

As well as the average net circulation for the period (the ‘ABC’ figure), the STANDARD certificate includes a breakdown into different types of circulation and provides other information relating to the issues distributed in the reporting period. Find out more at

d) Magazine Ranking Information – Smiths News & Menzies Distribution

The importance of having availability to the best-selling products remains the number one service requirement for your customers and is more critical today than ever before. Research shows that many consumers already purchase magazines from up to six locations and evidence shows that if a title is not available on as little as two occasions then customers will simply no longer shop at that store.

The attachments below details each of the magazine titles available ranked in revenue order, both nationally and by wholesale house.

Smiths News Magazine Rankings (October 2017)

Menzies Distribution Magazine Rankings (November 2017)

3. Helpful Advice & Information

Help button on keyboard

This section of helpful advice and information is as much about guidance and support and where to go for help if required.

a) In-Store Routine Task List

For new members in particular, getting into the habit of doing the right things at the right time can be a daunting task,. The Task List features the key things to consider on a Daily, Weekly and Monthly basis and allows you to delegate work accordingly to your members of staff.

Download the document here: In-Store Routine Task List

b) National Title File

The National Title File has been designed to provide the news industry with information about the magazine and newspaper titles handled by the UK newstrade. It includes the title name, cover description, retail price, cover barcode, on-sale/off-sale dates and market segmentation.

The website is operated by the Association of Newspaper and Magazine Wholesalers (ANMW) which is a trade association representing the wholesalers of newspaper and magazines in the UK.

4. Developing your Display

Making your display stand out is the key to great profitability, yet sadly it is often given less thought than it should.

In this section we highlight what should be considered at the different stages.

a) Display Solutions

We are able to provide you with suitable display racking at the best possible price (subject to availability).

b) NFRN Newspro Planograms

Using a magazine category planogram will help you to arrange your magazines in a logical layout.

No two planograms can ever be the same, but the layout should flow so similar magazine titles are displayed near to each other in a logical rather than a random sequence.

  1. Before implementing your new planogram, remove all deleted/discontinued titles (the ones you reduced to nil or will in the future only be offering as a shop save) from your display and early return them to your wholesaler.
  2. Rearrange the remaining magazines to correspond with your new planogram layout. This will create more impact and a more logical display.
  3. Make a note of those titles that are both out of stock and new additions to your range that have not yet been received. Allow enough space for these in the right places in your display and order some extras from your supplying wholesaler at the earliest opportunity to tide you over until the new issue is on sale.
  4. The industry standard is 8 titles per metre.

Please select the NFRN Newspro Planogram below that best suits your display:

1 Metre Independent Reversed – Traffic flow right to left

1 Metre Independent – Traffic flow left to right

2 Metre Independent Reversed – Traffic flow right to left

2 Metre Independent – Traffic flow left to right

3 Metre Independent Reversed – Traffic flow right to left

3 Metre Independent – Traffic flow left to right

4 Metre Independent Reversed – Traffic flow right to left

4 Metre Independent – Traffic flow left to right

5 Metre + Independent Reversed – Traffic flow right to left

5 Metre + Independent – Traffic flow left to right

If none of the above planograms best suit your display, then please email to request some advice.

c) Hotspot Areas

Hotspots can be defined as an area of the fixture where customers are drawn to more often than others. This could be next to the till or right next to a door.

The best way of determining where the hotspots are in your store is to watch your customers and find out where they visit most. Magazines placed in a hotspot area will sell better than if they are displayed elsewhere. Hotspots are normally in the middle of the fixture. However, if a fixture is more than 3 meters in length, the hotspot usually moves to either the right or left. The direction the hotspot moves depends on the customer flow.

Do the majority of people tend to move from left to right, or right to left in your store?

Hotspots are also related to shelf types. On flat shelved fixtures, the hotspot will be at eye level for example. On a multi-tiered rack, the hotspot is further down and tends to be on the front part of each section.

Members are also advised to be responsive to the views of their customers and in particular they are advised that they are not obliged to stock any titles if they have objections on religious, moral or other grounds.

When merchandising your magazine categories, arrange titles in blocks rather than in rows. This is because a block of titles with the same content looks better and is easier for the customer to browse without constantly moving along the shelves.

d) How magazines should be displayed

The number, type and length of your shelves will determine how your magazines are best displayed. Working with the following points in mind will help you gain an effective display.

The optimum number of titles per shelf we recommend is:

  • 6 titles per metre for best sellers or
  • 9 half-faced titles for specialist titles

We strongly advise that you do not display magazines less than half faced. Magazines showing less than a third of their cover tend to make the display look crowded. Research shows it will put off customers and you will sell less.

Top selling titles should be full faced for greater impact to draw customer attention. This provides a powerful visual impact to attract customers. By ensuring that customers can easily find the most popular magazines, this will promote additional sales.

Remember you will also need to build in space for local direct delivered magazines, new and seasonal titles, for example Partworks.

How to request toolkit items or find out more

Each of the items in the toolkit are available for free and can be posted or emailed to you. If you would like to request any of the toolkit items or would like more information, please email

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