How the National and Regional newspapers can help boost your Store2Door business.


National Newspapers

Most National Newspapers will offer support to boost your Store2Door business. Some will offer money off vouchers or retail based subscription offers whilst others may provide discounted bags /trolleys etc.  Others may focus on retail by having some field based staff who can offer varying levels of help and advice depending on your needs and also their current focus.

Below is a sample of the offers currently available. To tap into this support you can contact them directly using the contact details provided or you can go via NFRN Connect on 0800 121 6376.


Deliver My Newspaper logo

Deliver My Newspaper is a collaboration of five national newspaper publishers;

  • Mail Newspapers
  • News UK (The Sun & The Times)
  • Telegraph Media
  • Guardian Media
  • I Newspaper

The site allows customers to locate their local home news delivery (HND) retailer, a service that many readers may not have known existed previously, and direct them to the store to redeem their ‘Free Delivery Vouchers’. Readers can then set up their delivery direct with the retailer.

The site is aimed at new HND customers to introduce them to the service and encourage more readers to use the convenience of HND which  will support and maintain a higher frequency of purchase.

There are circa 7k retailers now on the site offering an HND service to circa 85% of the UK population. Since the launch, the site has generated over 22k orders, with lots more exciting activity planned going forward.

In a time where there is so much competition in the market, HND offers a real point of difference for the independent and convenience retailers to protect and grow sales and share. This website creates a solution for retailers to market the service with the convenience of most national newspapers in one place.

To get involved, or ask any questions, please contact:



The Telegraph also offer their own Home News Delivery offer.

Free self canvassing HND leaflets are available offering the consumer 8 weeks of The Daily Telegraph and The Sunday Telegraph at half price when they sign up for Home News Delivery with your store. That is a saving of over £58.80 funded by the Telegraph. Find out more.

The Telegraph has also extended its new subscription offer – details below:

  • Seven days (Mon-Sun) – newsstand £14.70 – New subscriber price £10
  • Six days (Mon-Sat) – newsstand £12.50 – New subscriber price £8.50
  • Weekend (Sat&Sun) – newsstand £4.70 – New subscriber price £3.50
  • Saturday only – newsstand £2.50 – New subscriber price £2.00
  • Customers should call 0800 55 2020 & quote offer 726X

For further HND support please email



 Daily Mirror logo  Sunday People logo

For HND support please email


Express and Daily Star logos

Daily Express and Daily Star readers can get 50% off when they take out a subscription. Download the Daily Express poster and Daily Star poster to find out more.


For HND support please email


FT logo

For HND support please email


What can I do if a title is delayed?

There will on occasion be times that a certain title has experienced production or distribution delays which in turn has led to late arrival at your news wholesaler and subsequently is rerun. This means the title will be delivered separate to your normal delivery and in many cases will not go out until your normal driver has returned to depot.

Holding back your HND rounds for most is unrealistic and having to deliver the late title as a separate distribution comes at great cost. Customer service is paramount and although you are not the cause of this problem you will need to deal with it.

We would recommend that when a new customer places an order they also let you know if they would accept a replacement to their normal title should there be a delay for their preferred title or whether they would rather have no paper or even pick up from your shop. The letters below can be adapted to reflect which options you  would wish to offer to your customers in the event of a rerun of their preferred title.

There is also an example of a letter that should be sent out on the day  to your customers outlining the  issue and reminding them of the action they have requested.

Download Substitution Letter Template

Although ideally this should be covered off when an order is placed there is nothing wrong in contacting existing customers and providing options. Good communication are key to your relationship with your customers and can prevent conflict / tensions at a later date.

Don’t forget you may also be entitled to compensation for HND copy that has arrived late. To check if this is the case and to help you understand the process click here

How can Regional’s help?

Most regional newspapers now no longer arrive in the afternoon but are instead now delivered through the wholesale network in the morning with your national newspaper supply.

For many the local newspaper is a huge part of their business, often the biggest selling title and always brings a sense of community to their store. It is therefore important to engage with your local Publishers and see what help and support they can offer your Store2Door business.

On the whole they value the Store2Door customer very importantly and will be happy to discuss how they can help you develop your business. Level of support differs from title to title but help that may be available is:

  • Enhanced margin for delivered copy
  • Canvassing – by phone or Door 2 Door
  • Discounted subscription offer bespoke to store
  • Free copy/leaflets for self canvassing
  • Mapping your round to make it more profitable
  • Discounted/Free delivery bags / equipment
  • Sponsorship / Window Fascia

In addition it would be advisable to always take part in promotions in your area that the Store2Door team may have negotiated with your local titles’ parent company.

For more information on how Store2Door can help you, call the team on 0800 917 8884 (free from UK landline phones) or email Alternatively, register online for the Store2Door Accreditation Scheme.


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