Your local newspaper, the MEN, is launching a Sunday Edition on February 10th. We applaud this exciting and very positive move and hope you will give the title significant support, not only through the launch period but on-going. Please tell your customers about it and double face or display in a prominent position if possible – especially for the crucial initial launch weeks.

To promote the launch the MEN and NFRN have united for a special launch competition which is based on volume sales over the first four weeks of sale.

Editor in Chief of the MEN Darren Thwaites said: “We’ve developed a well-deserved reputation for investigations, political coverage and powerful social journalism. This type of content will provide the foundation for a regional Sunday newspaper with clout, substance and authority.”

“We already produce fantastic weekend content and reach a massive audience online. It’s a natural extension to package the best of everything into a quality Sunday print edition for those who still enjoy the experience of browsing through a newspaper.

“To celebrate this launch we are pleased to announce that the MEN are offering an exclusive sales competition for members of the NFRN.”

Three prizes are up for grabs, with a top prize of £125; second prize of £75 and a third prize of £50.

The winner will be the NFRN member with the largest sale over the four weeks promotional period. Your local RDMs Mavis Gould and Keith Stamper have spare POS should you need it or you could order direct from the MEN on or call  0161 475 4860.

Good luck!

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