Let customers know you are happy to supply their favourite magazine direct to their door.


When canvassing for new customers for your Store2Door business, it is important to remember that the house you will be delivering a newspaper to would probably contain at least one person who reads a magazine.

We know that less than 10% of magazine readers have the product delivered so inform your new customers that you are happy to supply their favourite magazine direct to their door. If they take up the offer you will drive extra revenue through your business at no additional cost.

Non News Opportunities

In addition to magazines, there are a host of other products you could consider distributing alongside your newspaper deliveries to offset the costs and increase your profitability. Contact local businesses and see if they require leaflet distribution around your delivery area.

Some ideas of business that could utilise this service could be:

  • Fast food outlets
  • Estate Agents
  • Theatres
  • Social Clubs
  • Your own grocery promotional flyers
  • Other local shops / businesses – eg a new hairdressers

Obviously you would need to come to some financial arrangement, but be realistic, earn their trust and remember to see how you can help each other.

In addition and if you have adequate resources such as vehicles, you could offer a basic grocery delivery.

For more information on how Store2Door can help you, call the team on 0800 917 8884 (free from UK landline phones) or email info@store-2-door.co.uk. Alternatively, register online for the Store2Door Accreditation Scheme.


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