Important Title Updates and Cover Price & Barcode Changes

Independent retailers can find here the major and need-to-know cover prices and barcode changes, as well as important title updates.

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Sunday Times (Ireland Edition) Price Change

The Sunday Times (Ireland Edition) will be going up in price by 20c from Sunday 5 January 2020.

Therefore the cover price will increase from €3.00 to €3.20, while the retailer margin per copy will be 73.4 cents per copy. This represents a percentage margin of 25%. The publisher forecasts this will deliver an extra €655k into retailers’ tills over the next 12 months.

Barcodes will not be changed, so please make sure that your systems are updated for the price change from Sunday 5 January 2020.

Dismay as Reach accompanies price rises with cut in terms

The NFRN has expressed disappointment that at the same time that newspaper publisher Reach is increasing the cover prices of the Daily Express, Daily Star and the Saturday edition of the Daily Mirror, it is adjusting the percentage margin that retailers receive to as little as 20 per cent.

With effect from December 30, the price of the weekday editions of the Daily Express rises to 70p.  With the percentage margin cut from 22 per cent to 21.4 per cent, retailers will now receive 14.98p for every copy sold.  From January 4 the Saturday Express will cost £1.10 and the cut in margin from 20.6 per cent to 20.2 per cent means stockists will receive 22.22p. The following day (January 5) the Sunday Express will rise to £1.70 in price, and with the percentage margin adjusted to 20.2 per cent, retailers will see the pence per copy margin move up to 34.34p.

On the same dates the Daily Star will rise to 50p for weekday editions, 80p for Saturday editions and £1.20 for Sunday editions. The percentage margin will drop to 21.4 per cent for the Monday to Friday editions and 20.2 per cent at the weekend. This means retailers will be paid just 10.70p for each weekday version they sell and 16.16p for Saturday editions and 24.24p for the Sunday paper.

The margin on the Saturday Daily Mirror, however, will fall to a new record low of 20 per cent from January 4 2020.   As a result, retailers will receive 28p for every copy sold.

Commenting, NFRN National President Stuart Reddish described the move as “extremely disappointing”.

He said: “While these price increases will result in more money through retailer’s tills, which we welcome, this is the second time within a year that Reach has increased cover prices for the Daily Express and Star and further reduced the percentage margin that retailers receive. This, coupled with the cut in margin on the Daily Mirror, sadly also comes at a time when we have been finalising plans to promote their printed products to their readers through our vast membership of retailers and this will bring with it a host of issues.”

20p price rise for OK! Magazine Standalone Edition

With effect from the issue on sale Tuesday 17 December 2019 (issue number 1217), the cover price of OK! Magazine standalone edition will increase from £2.20 to £2.40. Terms remain unchanged.

The new barcode is 977 1362 288 269 (the week number is shown as a two digit add on figure.)

Please note that the OK! Bumper Pack Edition price remains unchanged for the time being.

The Christmas double issue is always one of the bestselling issues of the year so please display prominently!

Price increase for Irish Daily Mail and The Irish Mail on Sunday

DMG Media have announced they will be increasing the cover prices for the Irish Daily Mail and The Irish Mail on Sunday with effect from Saturday 21 December 2019 by 20 cent every day. Retail Terms remain unchanged.

On Saturday 21 December 2019, the recommended retail price of the Irish Daily Mail Saturday edition will increase from €1.80 to €2.00.

On Sunday 22 December 2019, the recommended retail price of The Irish Mail on Sunday will increase from €3.00 to € 3.20.

On Monday 23 December 2019, the recommended retail price of the Irish Daily Mail Monday – Friday editions will increase from €1.60 to €1.80.

With effect from Saturday 21 December 2019, the barcodes for the Irish Daily Mail and The Irish Mail on Sunday will be as follows:

Saturday: 9771750 161662
Sunday: 9771752 169376
Monday: 9771750 161518
Tuesday: 9771750 161525
Wednesday: 9771750 161532
Thursday: 9771750 161549
Friday: 9771750 161556

Christmas TV Listings

For everything you need to know about this year’s Christmas TV Listings – including key facts, advice on how to maximise your sales, and issue dates – just download the factsheet below.

Download Christmas TV Listings Factsheet

Third Party Inserts – Important

Payments for Quarter 3 are being made on this Saturday’s invoices to all registered retailers and include payments from the Mail, Telegraph and News UK for any issues form July – September where publishers have advised that third party inserts exceeded weight tolerances.

The rates are published every week in Retail Newsagent. No other publishers have issued payment instructions.

The amounts will appear on invoices in the format shown below:

News UK will appear on your WSI as NEWS UK TPI HANDLING ALLOWANCE Q3 2019

All information correct at time of going to press but subject to change.

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