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Independent retailers can find here the major and need-to-know cover prices and barcode changes, as well as important title updates.

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You can find below ABC sales figures for March 2018 with month to month and year on year comparisons.

Certain days of bad weather have been allowed by the ABC to be exempt from reporting, due to the distribution problems suffered by both publishers and wholesalers on the days in question.

Monday to Friday
The Telegraph (+2%), Sun (+1.5%), Star (+1.1%), Times (+0.8%) and The Mail (+0.4%) all contributed to the overall Monday to Friday sales being up on the previous months reported sale with a 0.5% rise.The Guardian was the worse performing title % wise with a 2% drop month on month. Download Monday to Friday Data

The i Newspaper is once again showing both monthly and year on year increases in sale, 2.2% & 5.4% respectively, and is the only titles in a positive comparison,  overall sales for all titles combined are down by 2.3% MOM and  8.7% YOY. Download Saturday Data

The stand out title for Sundays editions is The Sun who are showing a no change month on month and -1.1% year on year, other titles however, are showing up to 16% drops year on year (The Sunday Mirror & People), overall sales for the month v’s February 2018 are down 1.4%, whilst compared to March 2017 sales are down 8.3%. Download Sunday Data


You can find below ABC sales figures for July – December 2017.


Latest Information

Sunday Mail Cover Price Increase

With effect from Sunday 8 July 2018, the Sunday Mail will increase its cover price by 10p to £1.90.

Although this represents a ppc increase in real terms, it’s actually a margin cut of 0.6% from 21% to 20.4%. Read more

Updated barcode details below:
Scotland: 9770307587276
England, Wales and Northern Ireland: 9771360241877

Irish Sun Price Rise

The cover price of The Irish Sun (Mon-Fri) will increase by 10c to €1.10, from this Monday 2 July 2018. The Irish Sun Saturday will increase by 20c to €1.20, effective 7 July 2018 and The Irish Sun on Sunday will increase 20c to €1.20, effective Sunday 8 July 2018.

The changes will be accompanied by a pro rata increase in retail margins.

Open trade letter for price & barcode details

Johnston Press Scotland Price Increases

Johnston Press has announced price increases for a number of its Scottish titles, including The Scotsman. Changes take effect from w/c 2 July 2018.

Terms will continue to be paid pro-rata.

Open trade letter for price & barcode details

News UK announces 10p price rise for Sun on Sunday

From Sunday (17 June 2018), the price of the Sun on Sunday will increase to £1.20 and retailers will now receive 25.2p per copy – an extra 2.1p for every copy sold. Get more reaction

Concerns grow over Racing Post distribution

The Racing Post has announced plans to continue and expand an alternative distribution route for its titles. View latest updates

Price rises for Sunday Mirror and People

From Sunday 3 June the Sunday Mirror and People will both increase by 10p to £1.60 and stockists will see the terms they receive rise from 31.5p to 33.6p. Read more 

Johnston Press Price Increases (Mansfield)

The cover price of the Mansfield Chad Ashfield and Mansfield Chad Town will be increasing by 10p from 30 May 2018.

Terms will continue to be paid pro-rata.


Johnson Press barcode details


Johnston Press North West Price Increases

The cover price of the Clitheroe AdvertiserNelson LeaderColne Times, and Barnoldswick & Earby Times will be increasing by 5p from week beginning 28 May 2018.

Terms will continue to be paid pro-rata.

Open trade letter for price & barcode details

Irish Times Price Rise

The Irish Times will increase in price from 21 May 2018. The terms are pro rata so your discount level will remain unchanged. Price & Barcode Changes

Northern Woman Price Change

The Northern Woman will be increasing in price from 23 April 2018.

Northern Woman Price & Barcode Changes

Wigan Post Price Increase

Please find below details of a forthcoming price increase for the Wigan Post. The terms are pro rata so your discount level will remain unchanged.

Wigan Post Price Increase Trade Letter

Yorkshire Post Price Increase

From this weekend (14 April 2018), the Saturday edition of the Yorkshire Post will increase in price by 30p to £2.20, while the Monday to Friday edition will rise by 10p to £1.10

Please note the terms are pro rata so your discount level will remain unchanged!

To support the price increases, the paper has announced a number of new features:


  • Editorial enhancements and new columnists
  • Subscription 50% offer to run for 3 months
  • Money off discount vouchers
  • Recipe card collection
  • Competitions and promotions

Saturday Times Price Increase & Margin Cut

Retailers were dealt a further body blow this week after News UK announced that the cover price of the Saturday Times was rising by 20p to £1.90 but at the same time there was to be a drop in margin from 21.5 per cent to 21 per cent. Read more

The price change on The Times Saturday is effective from Saturday 7 April 2018.

Trade Letter – Saturday Times Price Increase

Saturday Times Price & Barcode Changes

Daily Mirror announces 5p price rise

The price of the Monday to Friday edition of the Daily Mirror is to rise by 5p on Monday 12 March.

In England, Wales and Northern Ireland, the price will rise from 70p to 75p, with the retailer profit on each copy sold increasing from 14.98p to 16.05p,

Meanwhile in Scotland, the price will increase from 75p to 80p, with the profit on each copy sold rising from 16.05p to 17.12p,

Please note the terms are pro rata, so the retail margin will remain unchanged at 21.4%.

This change of price requires a new barcode – please see details below and update your systems accordingly.


England, Wales and Northern Ireland Scotland
Daily Mirror Monday: 977 0956 805 417 Daily Mirror Monday: 977 0956 805 516
Daily Mirror Tuesday: 977 0956 805 424 Daily Mirror Tuesday: 977 0956 805 523
Daily Mirror Wednesday: 977 0956 805 431 Daily Mirror Wednesday: 977 0956 805 530
Daily Mirror Thursday: 977 0956 805 448 Daily Mirror Thursday: 977 0956 805 547
Daily Mirror Friday: 977 0956 805 455 Daily Mirror Friday: 977 0956 805 554

Racing Post Titles – Cover Price Increases

The Racing Post will shortly be increasing the cover prices of the Racing Post newspaper, The Racing And Football Outlook and the Racing Post Weekender. The Racing Post has increased retail margin from an average of 57p per copy to 64p per copy (€0.69 per copy to €0.75 per copy).

Download the relevant trade letter below for full details.

Racing Post Titles – UK

Racing Post Titles – ROI

The Racing Post Betting Shop Display is Changing

The Racing Post Betting Shop Display will be changing from issue i.d. Monday 5 March 2018. The Racing Post Betting Shop Display will no longer be available to buy as an individual product and will no longer have a price.

A new product called Racing Post Betting Shop Display Edition will be created.

This new bagged product will have a price point of £5.25 in the UK. This product will be firm sale, like the Racing Post Betting Shop Display is currently.

Retail margins have been increased from a combined average of £1.065 per day to £1.155 per day.

Download the trade letter for full details

Slam Attax 10 – Extended on sale date

Please note that the WWE Slam Attax Series 10 on sale date has been extended to 6 July 2018.

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