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Independent retailers can find here the major and need-to-know cover prices and barcode changes, as well as important title updates.

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You can find below ABC sales figures for December 2018 with month to month and year on year comparisons.

Monday to Friday
Overall sales for December are showing a 1.1% drop off against the previous month, although disappointing, December sales traditionally fall by a larger amount. Going against this trend are The Times (+0.6%) and The Telegraph (+0.1%); these increases can be attributed to the ongoing Brexit news stories. Download Monday to Friday Data

Saturday titles sales are all showing a drop of between -0.8% (Telegraph) and -0.6% (FT). Traditionally these drops are on a larger scale throughout December, but again Brexit is having a positive influence. Download Saturday Data

The Sunday Times (+1%) and Observer (+0.4%) are both reporting positive results for December despite the overall Sunday market falling by 0.9% against November sales. Download Sunday Data


You can find below ABC sales figures for January – June 2018.


Latest Information

Telegraph price rise

From Saturday February 2, the price of the Saturday edition rises to £2.50 the Sunday Telegraph increases to £2.20 the following day and from Monday February 4 weekday editions will cost £2.

The NFRN reacted quickly after hearing that the Telegraph was raising the cover price but planned to maintain the current pence per copy margin it pays to retailers until August.

Following a series of heated meetings with senior executives – most recently chief operating officer Aki Mandhar and its managing director for subscriptions Peter Hickman – the NFRN delegation led by National President Mike Mitchelson secured an agreement from the Telegraph that it would make available “a sizeable” sum of money to invest in members’ businesses. Read more

Times Newspapers to increase price of Saturday and weekday editions

The Saturday edition of The Times will increase by 10p to £2 from this weekend (2 February 2019), while the cover price of its weekday issues will increase by 20p to £1.80 from Monday 4 February.

Retail percentage terms will increase pro-rata, meaning the profit on every copy sold will increase to 42p on the Saturday edition and to 38.7p on the Monday- Friday editions.

For more information about this price increase click here

Price increases for The Guardian & Observer

The Guardian & Observer will be increasing cover price from issue Saturday 12 January 2019.

The Monday to Friday edition of The Guardian will be increasing by 20p to its new price of £2.20, while the Saturday edition will be increasing by 30p to £3.20. The cover price of the Observer will rise to £3.20, an increase of 20p.

Retail margins will be maintained at the current percentages, meaning a seven day reader is worth over £203 a year to your store.

New pricing and margins as follows:

Monday to Friday Guardian: £2.20 with a margin of £0.484
Saturday Guardian: £3.20 with a margin of £0.704
Sunday Observer: £3.20 with a margin of £0.784

You’ll soon receive point of sale for your store promoting Guardian & Observer subscriptions. A print subscriber is more likely to continue to read print, to buy more frequently and will save on the cover price whilst your store doesn’t lose out.

New barcode details can be found here

If you have any questions please contact

New 45p price for weekday Daily Star

Starting from issue dated Monday 7 January 2019, the cover price of the Daily Star Monday to Friday editions will increase by 5p to its new price of 45p.

As a result of this move, retailer profit on each copy sold increases to 9.9p per copy – a pro rata adjustment on terms.

Note: This price increase will be across all areas with the exception of the Channel Islands.

The new barcodes are:

England, Wales & Northern Ireland Scotland
Monday 9770957623218 9771358588212
Tuesday 9770957623225 9771358588229
Wednesday 9770957623232 9771358588236
Thursday 9770957623249 9771358588243
Friday 9770957623256 9771358588250

Daily Mirror Saturday Edition Price Increase

From this weekend (5 January 2019), the cover price of the Daily Mirror Saturday edition will increase to £1.30.

Retail terms will increase pro-rata, so profit on every copy sold will increase to 26.26p.

The new barcodes is: 977 0956 805 363

5p price rise announced for The Sun

The Sun newspaper has announced that from 5 January 2019 its Monday to Saturday editions will increase by 5p, with retail percentage terms remaining the same.

The cover price on the Monday to Friday edition will rise from 50p to 55p, with the Saturday edition increasing from 70p to 75p.

Publisher News UK has confirmed the changes will be accompanied by a pro rata increase in retail margins, meaning margin per copy for the Monday to Friday edition will increase to 12.27p per copy whilst on Saturday the retail profit will rise to 16.05p per copy.

NFRN National President Mike Mitchelson said: “These cover price increases on the Monday to Friday and Saturday editions of The Sun, together with pro rata terms, will give news retailers a welcome new year boost. In 2019 both the NFRN and the Sun will be celebrating. We are reaching our centenary, while the Sun will be 50 years old. I look forward to sharing our joint plans for celebrating these impressive milestones shortly which will help members grow sales and profits.”

The new barcode details are below:

The Sun barcodes Jan 19

i newspaper announces 5p price rise for weekday editions

The price of the Monday to Friday edition of the i newspaper is set to increase from 60p to 65p from Tuesday, 1 January 2019.

Retail terms will increase pro-rata, remaining at 22%, so profit on every copy sold will move from 13.2p to 14.3p.

Saturday’s price is unchanged and remains at £1.

This change of price requires a new barcode and voucher amendments  – please see details below and update your systems accordingly.

table displaying barcodes

Price increase for Irish Daily Mail and The Irish Mail on Sunday

Mail Newspapers have announced they will be increasing the cover prices for the Irish Daily Mail and The Irish Mail on Sunday with effect from Saturday 22 December 2018 by 20 cent every day. Retail Terms remain unchanged.

On Saturday 22 December 2018, the recommended retail price of the Irish Daily Mail Saturday edition will increase from €1.60 to €1.80.

On Sunday 23 December 2018, the recommended retail price of The Irish Mail on Sunday will increase by 20c to €3.00.

On Monday 24 December 2018, the recommended retail price of the Irish Daily Mail Monday – Friday editions will increase from €1.40 to €1.60.

New barcode details can be found below.

Saturday: 9771750 161563
Sunday:  9771752 169277
Monday: 9771750 161419
Tuesday: 9771750 161426
Wednesday: 9771750 161433
Thursday: 9771750 161440
Friday: 9771750 161457

5p price rise for Irish Daily Star (North edition)

From 22 December 2018, the cover price of the Irish Daily Star (North edition) will increase from 55p to 65p.

Retail terms will increase pro-rata.

Price and barcode details can be found here

Scotland on Sunday price change

Please note that the Scotland on Sunday will increase in price by 20p to its new price £2.30 from 6 January 2019.

Margin is pro rata, so there is no change to your retailer terms.

The new barcode will be: 9770955875336

All pre-paid subscription vouchers will be credited at the new price, please continue to accept them as full payment.

Concerns grow over Racing Post distribution

The Racing Post has announced plans to continue and expand an alternative distribution route for its titles. View latest updates

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