This is a seven day operation so you must employ staff who you can count on for each day that they are working for you.

You must pay your staff a good wage so in return you can expect their reliability in turning up for work every day and carrying out the job in a professional manner. This level of service will go a long way to ensuring that you retain your customers and hopefully gain new customers.

Remember the minimum age for home deliverers is 13 years old, subject to your local authority. Please refer to the local authority child employment officer for further information. No child under Minimum School Leaving Age may be employed before 7am or after 7pm on any day for more than 2 hours on any school day or Sunday.

Many successful HND retailers make up the rounds in their shop/premises and deliver to the deliverers’ home. This can make the service more efficient and timely for the deliverer to complete his/her deliveries and get to school on time.

Some HND retailers are using adult labour. This means that deliveries can start much earlier and the rounds can therefore be much larger particularly if the deliverers have their own vehicle.

Store2Door Recruitment Poster (Child only)

Store2Door Recruitment Poster (Adult only)

You can edit the above posters to your specific needs. Please add the required start time before printing.

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