In partnership with the NFRN, The Daily Telegraph and The Sunday Telegraph are pleased to introduce their Home News Delivery Self Canvassing Leaflet.

With up to 50% of Telegraph sales delivered to homes or business premises, the Telegraph are committed to helping you develop your business and continue to work alongside the NFRN to this end.

8 weeks at half price Home Delivery leaflets – Exclusively with the Telegraph

These self canvassing HND leaflets offer the consumer 8 weeks of The Daily Telegraph and The Sunday Telegraph at half price when they sign up for Home News Delivery with your store. That is a saving of £52.80 –  funded 100% by the Telegraph.

  • You will maintain your full margin on every copy of The Telegraph sold
  • The self canvassing leaflets allow you to control when, where & how you would like to canvass
  • Your Telegraph customers will save a total of £52.80
  • You will make more than £150 profit per Telegraph customer each year
  • 10 Telegraph HND customers generate over £1,500 profit per annum

Promoting your HND service

Research shows that many consumers are not aware that a home delivery service is available in their area, but would be keen to have a newspaper delivered.

To maintain and grow your HND business:

  • Advertise your HND service in your store window, near the news fixture and at the till point – the Telegraph have support posters available
  • Target your local community with leaflets – try Doctors, Dentists, Retirement Homes etc
  • Build interest by running a themed ‘HND’ week in your store
  • Encourage your staff to talk up your HND service and offer a small incentive for every customer they convert to HND

HND support from the Telegraph

The Telegraph have developed an unrivalled expertise in the operation of HND and offer a range of free and paid for support products to help you grow your business, including:

  • HND available here’ posters
  • ‘News deliverer recruitment’ posters
  • Magnetic poster holders and wall display boards
  • Waterproof news sleeves
  • News delivery bags and trolleys

PLUS: NFRN members receive a 10% discount on all HND ‘paid for’ items.

Offer any new Telegraph HND customers six weeks FREE delivery – visit for details.

Order Now!

Order the eight-week offer leaflets and various other sales support items using the order form below.

The Telegraph works with the NFRN to support independent news retailers.


Visit our Store2Door section for more HND help and advice.

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