The safety of your delivery staff should be paramount.

The NFRN has produced a leaflet ‘Delivering Newspapers Safely’ which can be downloaded below together with an accompanying video. You should take your staff through the leaflet and video and discuss the content with them so they are fully briefed. A safety booklet produced in partnership with the Newspaper Society can also be downloaded.

The leaflet and video are also available from your RDM.

Delivering Newspapers Safely Leaflet

Delivering Newspapers Safely Booklet (produced in partnership with the Newspaper Society)

Delivering Newspapers Safely Video (Part 1)

Can’t see the video? Please watch it here.

Delivering Newspapers Safely Video (Part 2)

Can’t see the video? Please watch it here.

Risk Assessment

Special care must be taken in the case of young workers who are likely to be at greater risk. The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1992 require you to have a risk assessment for newspaper deliverers in place before you employ them and seek to ensure their safety whilst in your employment. To view an example risk assessment, please download the form below.

Example Risk Assessment Form

Newsbags and Trolleys

It is most important that your delivery staff are properly equipped to do the job properly and efficiently. This means that you have a responsibility to provide good quality delivery bags and where necessary trolleys. Trolleys are most likely required for deliveries at the weekend when the newspapers are much heavier than their weekday equivalents.

High quality Store2Door delivery bags and trolleys are now available along with branded uniforms and canvassing leaflets.

For more information on how Store2Door can help you, call the team on 0800 917 8884 (free from UK landline phones) or email Alternatively register online for the Store2Door Accreditation Scheme.


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