Any new Store2Door customer you take on should be encouraged to pay weekly and come to your shop to make the payment.

There is an additional benefit here. A customer visiting your shop to pay their news-bill is quite likely to make additional purchases from you and therefore increase your profits even further.

On no account should you allow any member of your delivery staff to collect cash from a customer.

Regrettably it’s likely that you may have some customers who are slow in paying. Please find below a series of letters available for download what will encourage customers to pay.

Example Letters

Do not allow a debt to grow without taking some action. This may ultimately mean in some cases ceasing supply to prevent the debt growing but of course threatens your chances of recovering monies owed.

For more information on how Store2Door can help you, call the team on 0800 917 8884 (free from UK landline phones) or email Alternatively, register online for the Store2Door Accreditation Scheme.


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