The NFRN and Cashzone are working together to develop a strong partnership that could see your store profits leap and your banking charges fall.

As a preferred supplier of cash machine services to the NFRN, Cashzone manage more than 16,000 ATMs across the UK, making them the undisputed leader in ATM provision. With a range of ATMs and management options available, Cashzone can tailor a solution that enhances your business, all at no extra cost to you.

Types of solutions

There are four types of solutions available:

  • Free to use solutions. This solution not only generates an increase in footfall, but can lead to a 10 per cent increase in revenue as well as earn you commission if you refill the ATM yourself.
  • Surcharge solutions. This solution will earn you commission based on the level of ATM withdrawals and the surcharge level, which is based on store characteristics and local demographics. You’ll earn much more commission if you fill the ATM yourself.
  • Self-fill. This solution means you replenish the cash in your ATM and we credit the cash back to you. Enabling you to lower bank charges and eliminate time-consuming bank administration. This allows for higher commission levels.
  • Fully managed. This solution means Cashzone fill the machine, reducing pressure on your cash flow and allowing you to provide the service to your customers without it costing anything for you to implement and manage.

Is an ATM right for you?

If your store is in a high footfall area eg: among a parade of shops, a school, university or housing estate, and if you currently offer other services such as PayPoint, the National Lottery or Western Union, then an ATM may be suited to your site.

As a guide to help you understand whether you could sustain an ATM; A free-to- use ATM would require a store turnover of at least £13,000 per week and a surcharging ATM would require a turnover of at least £7,000 per week. However, please enquire to discuss the opportunity in more detail as every store is different.

Find out more

For more information contact NFRN Connect on freephone 0800 121 6376* or 020 7017 8880 if calling from a mobile.

*Free from UK landline phones only. Charges may apply when calling from abroad or from a mobile phone.


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