There are a number of ways that you can canvass for new orders:

  • Encourage your delivery staff to drop a canvassing leaflet through doors on their rounds that don’t currently have a newspaper or magazine delivered. You can download your relevant order form below:

Store2Door Order Form (standard)

Store2Door Order Form (newspapers listed)

Store2Door Order Form (Scotland – newspapers listed)

Store2Door Promotion Form (1)

Store2Door Promotion Form (2)

  • Visit potential customers personally either in the evening or at the weekend. You are the best ambassador for your shop and service!
  • Make use of publisher offers. These are many and varied and some will offer a half price newspaper for a period of time.
  • National and Regional publishers are all fully supportive of HND for they know the value of regular committed sales, so use them! They can provide canvassing leaflets which will obviously favour their own titles but their offers could well be tempting to new customers.
  • Talk to your customers when they visit your shop. Would they be interested in having their newspaper or magazine delivered?
  • Display all HND advertising prominently internally and externally so everybody knows about your service.

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