Please find below the latest fraud alerts from the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB).

Health and Fire Safety Bogus Traders Alert – The NFIB has identified a fraudulent trend whereby fraudsters are posing as council officials or professional within the health and fire safety industry, citing the Grenfell Tower fire, claiming to offer services or goods that do not exist. Download Briefing Document

Seminar Attendee Alert – The NFIB has identified a method a method utilised by fraudsters to attract potential victims into various investment fraud schemes by using Seminars to gather personal information and then target victims with fraudulent investment opportunities. Download Briefing Document

Fake, Inactive & Recycled Companies Alert – The NFIB has received information regarding fraudsters who are using fake company/business names, or dormant company names, when considering committing certain types of fraud. Download Briefing Document

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