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The Smiths News weekly round-up includes information about the latest newspaper promotions and supplements, plus details about upcoming magazine launches.

Download Smiths News Weekly Round-Up for w/e 17 February 2019

Each week the NFRN compiles data on publisher in-bound performance at each of the wholesale depots across the country.

Download the latest reports here – 11 February 2019

Magazine Ranking Information

The file below details each of the magazine titles available ranked in revenue order, both nationally and by wholesale house. Check out the Newspro Toolkit for why stocking the best-selling titles is so important.

Smiths News Magazine Rankings (September 2018)


Important Smiths News Documents

Smiths News Carriage Service Charge Template

Smiths News Terms & Conditions

SNapp Mobile Guide with FAQ

SNapp Online Guide with FAQ

SNapp Guide (opens link to SN website)

SNapp Terms & Conditions


Third party advertising inserts (TPI)

HND retailers are entitled to extra payments to cover the cost of any additional inserts in any of the newspapers listed below, this is based on a weight based table (starting at 70g).

You must register for TPI payments through your local news wholesaler directly. Paid each quarter, payments are triggered automatically and are in addition to the current 2p manual insertion fees.

Comparison of publisher schemes for Third Party Advertising Inserts

Latest Information

Third Party Inserts – Important

Payments for Quarter 4 are being made on invoices dated 19 February 2019 to all registered retailers and includes payments from the Mail, Mirror, Telegraph and News UK for any issues October to December where publishers have advised that third party inserts exceeded weight tolerances. No other publishers have issued payment instructions.

The amounts will appear on invoices in the format shown below:

TPI invocie example

Members quiz Smiths News over Hemel service failings

Following complaints of constant service failings from members served out of the Smiths News hub in Hemel Hempstead, a joint NFRN meeting was called between the Hertfordshire, Berks & Bucks and London North West branches on Wednesday 19 September 2018. Read more

Voucher Recall Notes

Smiths News has announced some key changes to their voucher recall notes that come into effect from 13 August 2018.

From this date:

  • Your Voucher Recall Note will form part of your consolidated paperwork and will not be sent to you loose
  • Your Customer number will be pre-printed on the voucher recall note
  • Vouchers listed will be tailored to you and the area you are in and will now include the most popular regional press vouchers though there will be space for you to add on any additional vouchers
  • We are adding a comment to the bottom of the recall note – just as a reminder to ensure that you only return vouchers to us, for products we have supplied

You will continue to receive the same number of recall notes as voucher envelopes being redeemed and you can still download voucher recall sheets from Snapp

Should you have any queries in regards to these changes please do not hesitate to contact Smiths News either using the contact Customer Services on Snapp or ringing your local Customer Services contact number.

Smiths News carriage charge rise a “bitter blow” for independent retailers

NFRN National President Mike Mitchelson has renewed calls for “rip off” carriage charges to be scrapped as news wholesaler Smiths News announced that from September there would be an average increase of 2.1 per cent. Read more

Disconnection of 0845 Number

Smiths News has introduced new 0345 phone numbers for you to use when you need to speak to their Customer Service, Head Office or local teams.

For more information, including a list of the new numbers, download the trade letter.

Smiths News agrees new long term contract with News UK

Connect Group has announced that, following competitive tender, it has successfully renewed its long term contract with News UK, confirming Smiths News’ current distribution territories within the United Kingdom through to July 2024. Read more

Closure of Pass My Parcel

The NFRN is working closely with Smiths News to help those members affected by the closure of Pass My Parcel. View latest updates.

Variation to Smiths News Terms & Conditions – GDPR

With new data protection laws coming into effect from 25 May 2018, Smiths News have announced an amendment to their Terms & Conditions to ensure they remain fully compliant with the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

To help with the change, Smiths News have released the following Q&A:

What is happening
Smiths News are making changes to their Terms & Conditions of business with our retail customers

Who else is doing this
Tuffnells, Pass My Parcel and Jack’s Beans are all making similar changes

When will customers find out
They will receive letters either via their tote (magazine customers) or by post (newspaper only customers)

When will T&C’s change
They will come into effect from the 25th May 2018

What has changed
The language around how we will manage and share customer data has been revised to meet the new GDPR guidelines

Why are we telling customers now
We commit to giving them 6 weeks’ notice of any changes to our Terms & Conditions

Where can customers see the T&C’s
They can be found here:

Don’t have internet access?
Smiths News can print and send them a paper copy on request

Your RDT is now on SNapp Online

In a move to be more transparent, and after listening to customer feedback, Smiths News have announced you will now be able to view the Required Delivery Time (RDT) they hold for you in their systems.

The news wholesaler say they aim to deliver no later than your RDT and often get to you earlier due to the structure of our delivery rounds.

Your RDT doesn’t change unless you contact Smiths News to ask for a review and both parties agree that a new time is achievable.

To see your RDT, tap on My Account at the top right of the SNapp Online dashboard page, then My Profile and scroll to the bottom of your information. This information only appears on the website and not on the app, your username and password are the same for both the app and website.

If you have any questions about your RDT please contact Smiths News via the Contact Us section of SNapp Online, again towards the top right of the main dashboard page, using the Customer Service button. Smiths News will ensure your question gets to your delivery depot and is responded to promptly.

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