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NFRN Newspro is a magazine category management solution that is designed to enable every member to boost their magazine sales. Newspro works in tandem with Store2Door, the Federation’s Home News Delivery advice service, to ensure that a complete category offer is made to consumers in respect of purchases both in and out of store. In June 2018, Newspro merged with the National Newsagent Network (N3) to provide members with even more benefits!

How Newspro works

Newspro closely emulates how a RMG (Retail Multiple Group) operates its news category. This is done by providing each store with a core range of bestselling titles. This defined range of titles is locked into the wholesaler system and through SMC (Store Manager’s Choice) you have the facility to add any discretionary titles that you may require.

You simply confirm which titles and quantities are required to your wholesaler, and the Newspro team will provide you with the complete package for your store. As space is limited and to maximise sales potential, low volume sale titles that sit outside the core range should be moved to customer saves. This enables you to provide both core best selling in addition to meeting customer save requirements.

The key benefits to your news category are:

  • No unauthorised amendments to your range from wholesale – no unwanted or unexpected product
  • Reduction in the time you or your staff spent on category
  • Improvement in store efficiencies – less returns to process
  • Improvement in cash flow – averaged at over £500  – SOR  is great but it is also your cash
  • Improvement in display – navigation and replenishment easier
  • Far greater customer experience

Best of all, Newspro is Free to NFRN members!

What’s the science behind the ranging process?

Of course every store is unique but across all stores there is a core range of titles that consistently sell well. This, plus other factors listed below, have been used by Newspro to decide on your core range of mandatory titles.

The factors considered when selecting your core range of mandatory titles:


  • 75% of total magazine sales come from the top 200 titles
  • Core Ranges are created using national rankings information, with sales trends overlaid to ensure the key selling titles are captured
  • Core Ranges have been built around your specific fixture size and the number of titles that can be displayed
  • Consideration is given to the number of titles per metre allowing you to give the maximum number of titles full face – maximising  your sales opportunity
  • Store Manager’s Choice* (SMC) provides the flexibility to add titles or increase the number of titles on a discretionary basis to fulfil demand. These are in addition to your core range and need to be notified to both the wholesaler and Newspro under the SMC facility. You can add or remove SMC titles at anytime via your wholesaler
Newspro Communication

As a Newspro member we will communicate to you regularly providing details of sales opportunities that may benefit your business, plus hints, tips and best practice for your news category.

Promotion Best Practice

Over the course of any year you may be asked to participate in centrally agreed promotions. In order to gain maximum benefit you are required to:

  • Comply with the criteria for the promotion. These may include providing photographs of promotion, or feedback either directly or through satisfaction surveys
  • Not early return promoted product

Below is an example of possible opportunities up until the end of the year. Please note that this is provided for illustration purposes and will be updated throughout the year and updates sent each week.


2018 Key Events & Seasonal Trends


Month Key Events Seasonal Suggested Titles/ Key Categories
June Football World Cup Kids – Summer Holidays FourFourTwo, Match of The Day, Children’s Magazines, Puzzle Magazines
July Football World Cup Kids – Summer Holidays FourFourTwo, Match of The Day, Children’s Magazines, Puzzle Magazines
August Premier League / Ryder Cup Kids – Back to School Exclusive kids promotion with selected newspaper
September Premier League / Ryder Cup Match Attax Launches Today’s Golfer, Match Attax, Children’s Magazines
October Premier League Match Attax Children’s Magazines
November Autumn International Rugby Kids – Half Term, Christmas One Shots Christmas Magazines, Good Housekeeping Christmas, Good Food Christmas Special, Radio Times, What’s On TV, Inside Soap
December Christmas Christmas TV Listings Christmas Magazines, Good Housekeeping Christmas, Good Food Christmas Special, Radio Times, What’s On TV, Inside Soap

How do I enquire about NFRN Newspro?

To enquire about NFRN Newspro, please complete the online registration form. A member of our team will then get in touch with you.

Alternatively, contact NFRN Connect on 0800 121 6376 (free from UK landlines) or email 

NFRN Connect is available 7 days a week to provide support and advice on:

  • Wholesaler issues
  • Newspro range or promotional  queries
  • Adjusting your range should you wish to change your selling space


The Newspro Toolkit

Whilst Newspro is designed to increase the efficiency of the news category. there are some areas you can also look at in store to minimise losses and maximise sales.

The NFRN Newspro Toolkit is designed to aid you in this, and is at the heart of our Retail Standards Best Advice Guidance and training sessions.

Go to the Newspro Toolkit >


Great new launches

Find out what’s hot on the magazine shelves as well as the latest promotions and important wholesaler updates by visiting our News and Magazines page.


Through the various Newspro facets, we have created the opportunity for all NFRN members to improve on, yet retain a unique consumer offer so they can increase their profits from the news category. Brian Murphy

NFRN Head of News

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