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NFRN Newspro is a magazine category management solution that is designed to enable every member to boost their magazine sales. Newspro works in tandem with Store2Door, the Federation’s Home News Delivery advice service, to ensure that a complete category offer is made to consumers in respect of purchases both in and out of store.

NFRN Newspro is one of the Federation’s most extensive undertakings and has already benefited over 3,500 members. Through Newspro, the NFRN has designed a process that will not only deliver you extra profit through extra sales, but will also save you time and money by preventing unwanted processes (including the arrival of magazines that are unlikely to sell in your store).

NFRN Newspro has been specially designed to equip independent retailers with the professional skills and knowledge they require to manage their magazine category to maximum effect. For those retailers who qualify and want to develop their business even further and with greater support, including central management of the news category on their behalf (with local input), NFRN Newspro provides simple stages and paths to join N3*.

*N3 stands for the National Newsagent Network and joins like minded retailers together allowing them to act and work together to compete more effectively as a multiple group. Visit the N3 website for more information –

How Newspro works

Using our vast wealth of experience, Newspro intends to closely emulate how a RMG (Retail Multiple Group) operates its news category. This starts out with a complete analysis of your existing sales – overlaying it with what titles sell best in your local postcode area and then (absolutely critical to the solution and our USP) ensures your immediate independent retailing requirements are fully considered.

Through the Health Check programme, we set out to meet your individual needs. Newspro then makes sure this data gathering work is fully reflected on the shop floor and that you are given the right support at the right time for you and your overall business needs.

Newspro Health Check Explained

Womans category magazines on sale in newsagents

Newspro Health Check is a simple but effective process that will reset your news business offer and begin to earn you extra profits through extra sales and savings in a short period of time.

Any member needing a Health Check shouldn’t feel downhearted! We know the News Category is difficult to manage, and when the controls needed are not as good as they need to be, or you were never sure in the first place (which is particularly relevant for new store owners), all you need to do is call NFRN Connect on 0800 121 6376 (free from UK landline phones only) or complete the online registration form.

On most occasions the helpline team will be able to arrange for your RDM (Retail Development Manager) to visit your store. They will come armed with your shop’s magazine sales history for the last three months and will work with you to determine the most suitable list of titles to match the space that you have physically available, ensuring your personal and local needs are fully considered.

In the event that your RDM is unable to visit your store, the work required will be completed offline but importantly still with your full involvement.

As well as identifying a ‘refreshed and more appealing range’ for your consumers, the quantities required of each title will also be agreed with you and these are then locked into the wholesaler system for 13 weeks*. This will allow you time to grow your business as you want outside of the usual publisher copy management rules and pressures that might have previously prevented you from gaining or regaining control of the category.

*Your supplying wholesaler will continue to offer you any new and promoted titles deemed suitable for your store.

Newspro Health Check is offered to any member who would like this face-to-face service and the results are impressive. Sales increases are usually five per cent above the wider marketplace and as magazines that aren’t selling are removed, your cash flow is also boosted by an average of £550 per shop.

Over 3.500 NFRN stores have undergone this experience since its inception but don’t just listen to us. Here’s what a member said after undergoing a Newspro Health Check.

Prior to Newspro, I was on a slippery slope in relation to newspaper and magazine selling and had lost my way against a tide of unwanted titles never matching the space I had available. Now my store is the area’s destination shop for consumers and my fortunes have changed.


How do I enquire about NFRN Newspro?

To enquire about NFRN Newpro, please complete the online registration form. A member of our team will then get in touch with you.

Alternatively, contact NFRN Connect on 0800 121 6376 (free from UK landlines) or email 

National Newsagent Network

N3 logo iconN3 is an NFRN company that was set up in 2015 to provide independent retailers with the opportunity to enjoy the benefits often seen only in multiple retail environments.

Overseen by a central team, members of N3 have the professional support required on a day-to-day basis. As you might expect, N3 does all of the things already detailed in Newspro, but goes far further to include things like bespoke planogramming and selection of new and promoted titles, a Centralised Billing capability, EPOS Data usage, and a 7-day careline.

N3 negotiates collectively for its members on trading terms and for a share of suppliers’ promotional investment.

Visit the N3 website for more information –
Read the official N3 Brochure.

The Newspro Toolkit

NFRN Newspro is further underpinned by a bespoke NFRN Toolkit. The toolkit is at the heart of our Retail Standards Best Advice Guidance and training sessions.

The toolkit is split into 4 areas and is available to any member at any time, but ideally best used after you have undergone the in-store Category Management experience work that is intended to help you to reset your consumer offer and onto the road to success.

Go to the Newspro Toolkit >

Great new launches

Find out what’s hot on the magazine shelves as well as the latest promotions and important wholesaler updates by visiting our News and Magazines page.


Through the various Newspro facets, we have created the opportunity for all NFRN members to improve on, yet retain a unique consumer offer so they can increase their profits from the news category. Brian Murphy

NFRN Head of News

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