East Midlands District

News, events and details of officials for the East Midlands District.

Sunil Patel
Sunil Patel
District President


Sumeda Rathugamage
Sumeda Rathugamage
Retail Development Manager

Jay Rehal RDM
Jay Rehal
Retail Development Manager

District Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.

District & Branch Officials

For any district enquiries please email eastmidlands@nfrnonline.com

District President: Sunil Patel
National Councillor: Chris Bridgett
National Councillor: Stuart McClymont
National Councillor: Sunil Patel

Derby Burton & Erewash Valley
Branch President: Terence Hartshorne
Branch Secretary: Alan Smith

Leicester, Hinckley & Northampton
Branch President: Deepak Tanna
Branch Secretary: Ken Patel

Nottingham & Lincs
Branch President: Jack Patel
Branch Secretary: Panna Patel

Branch President and Secretary: John Green

District Roll of Honour
H.J. Brown
J. Green
E.H. Waite
A.L. Wright
S.J. Carver
F.L. Palmer
F.R. Green
L. Allsopp
M.H. Hardy
B.F.M. Melton
D.R. Mackinlay
L.F. Facer
E.R. Green
J.G. Humby
M.A. Hudson
A.J. Walker
G. Oliver
R.F. Tailby
L. Smith
L. Dickinson
Mrs M.E. Sharp
P.D. Sharp
G. Framp
D. Fere
P.A. Walsh
Mrs C.M. Crowson
T. Egginton
Mrs E. Beadsmore
C.T.D. Lawrence
Mrs E. Smith
T T. Jones