A new poster for Scottish members to display within their stores has been created by the NFRN to remind customers that they must wear face masks whilst shopping.

The NFRN created these posters in response to the Scottish government’s ruling that face coverings are now mandatory in shops, in hopes that it will help to stop the spread of the coronavirus by reducing transmission rates.

It is paramount that Scottish retailers follow this law; however, people with certain medical conditions and children under five are exempt from the new rule.

National President Stuart Reddish said: “These posters are a further effort to ensure that our members, their employees and customers remain safe – and within the law – throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

“The NFRN encourages all Scottish members to download and use the poster within their stores to avoid any confusion amongst members of the public, who may be unaware of the new law.

“Furthermore, some of our members in England, Wales and Northern Ireland have decided to make face masks mandatory within their stores due to their personal circumstances.

“We encourage these members to also download these posters for their stores.

“This poster is free to download for all NFRN members.”

Download Here:

Colour Poster

Black and White