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The NFRN offers FREE legal advice as part of its membership package.



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At some stage in your retailing career you could find yourself facing a legal problem relating to test purchasing, employment legislation, trading standards, health and safety or HM Revenue & Customs.

Not only could this be very stressful, it could be expensive too as getting the professional legal help you require can be extremely costly.

That’s why we offer FREE legal advice as part of the Federation membership package.

As a member you are entitled to over-the-phone advice from fully trained legal experts. Should matters require it you can also get up to £100,000 (subject to conditions) of legal cost cover where applicable.

Manned by legal professionals, the helpline can answer questions on:

Commercial Issues Employment Issues
Trading Standards Contracts of Employment
Health & Safety Disciplinary Action
Tax Grievances
Commercial Contracts Dismissal
Landlord and Tenant Holiday Queries
Criminal Sickness Absence and Sick Pay
Licensing Redundancy
Debt Collection Resignation
Local Government Minimum Wage
Property Law Maternity and Family Friendly Rights

To contact the NFRN Legal Advice Helpline, call the freephone number 0330 303 1457 for UK or 01 453 7991 for Republic of Ireland.

NFRN Claims and Legal Policy

NFRN Legal provides members with protection for legal costs up to £100,000 under the following sections of cover:

Employment Compliance & Regulation
Employment Compensation Awards Statutory Licence Appeals
Employment Restrictive Covenants Loss Of Earnings
Tax Protection Employee’s Extra Protection
Property Crisis Communication
Legal Defence * Contract & Debt Recovery

*Legal Defence – £2,500 limit in respect of Interviews Under Caution

The NFRN Legal Policy document can be downloaded here:  NFRN Legal Policy

To contact the NFRN Legal Claims line, call the freephone number 0330 303 1457 for UK or 01 453 7991 for Republic of Ireland.

NFRN Legal Plus

The NFRN has boosted the legal help it provides with the launch of NFRN Legal Plus, a comprehensive package of support to ensure that members can keep on top of complex legislation changes.

In partnership with our friends at Arag, top quality advice is available at your fingertips with FREE online access to legal documents, factsheets and a staff handbook that all detail the rules, policies and procedures governing employer responsibilities to help members implement good practice or adopt due diligence with regard to employment law, health and safety legislation and company law.

Find out more about NFRN Legal Plus

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