NFRN Legal Plus

NFRN Legal Plus

Access a comprehensive package of legal support for your business to ensure you stay on top of complex legislation changes.






NFRN Legal Plus has changed. We have replaced flat document templates with a new range of smart inter-active documents, which make it much easier for you to prepare the legal documents that are essential to the safe running of your business.

You will be amazed as you see your documents automatically tailored for your needs as you enter information in response to a series of simple on-screen prompts.

New features include:

  • pop-up boxes that give you tips and examples as you work through the questions
  • guidance notes that are available on a tab that sits behind the document, helping you to understand the legal content
  • a progress bar at the top of the screen to encourage you on your way
  • an auto-fill capability that saves you time – once basic information has been entered into a document, if the same item of information is required in another document, the information is “remembered” and automatically populates the next document
  • technical support by phone or email and access to a claim form if you wish to report a legal expenses insurance claim
  • secure on-site storage – you can create files to organise your saved documents

How to register

Here’s a link to our new legal services website which is supplied by our preferred legal expenses insurance provider, ARAG –

To protect the security of your documents you will need to register to use the site for the first time using a voucher code which you can obtain by contacting NFRN Connect on Freephone 0800 121 6376* or by emailing

*Free from UK landline phones only. Charges may apply when calling from abroad or from a mobile phone.

Once registered you can create your own user ID and password.

Take our Legal Health Check

You can also take our quick and easy Legal Health Check to find out if your business is at risk and what documents and policies you need in place to protect your interests.

NFRN Legal Plus gives you an easy way to comply with the law and protect your interests. You will get access to a legal health check, a regularly updated jargon-free guide to business laws and regulations, plus customisable documents, contracts and letters, covering important legal areas, including employment law, health & safety regulation, purchase & sale agreements, debt recovery, e-commerce, commercial property, business start-up and intellectual property laws.

For more information about NFRN Legal Plus, including a user guide explaining how the site works. download this presentation: NFRN Legal Plus User Guide

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