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NFRN Fuelwise is another money saving addition to the NFRN’s portfolio of benefits and services.

NFRN Fuelwise entitles the holder to up to 4ppl or 6cpl off the price of diesel compared to the average pump price in the UK and Republic of Ireland. This will provide members with a huge saving on their annual fuel costs.

Prices are in line with how the fuel market moves on a weekly/bi-weekly basis. For the UK, there is one price at all sites which is valid for one week (Mon – Sun) and all price updates are sent out free of charge by Text or Email. In the Republic of Ireland there are two price bands, elite sites offer an additional 5cpl reduction, with prices changing twice per week:  Wed – Fri and Sat – Tues. Members will have a single point of contact to ensure they obtain good customer services with the operation of same.

Fuelwise NFRN offers an extensive range of branded sites and Supermarket sites across Ireland, UK and Europe:

  • Over 2000 sites across the UK
  • Over 350 sites across Northern Ireland
  • Over 1800 sites across Republic of Ireland

You can benefit from VAT ready invoices, good quality fuel plus credit terms, subject to credit checks. In addition they can offer velocity card management allowing you to:

  • View your account at any time
  • View your fuel drawings
  • Stop cards
  • Download/access your invoices free
  • Assign cost centre to different vehicles
  • Run MPG reports
  • Manage and control your costs.

How to apply for your NFRN Fuelwise card

To apply for your NFRN Fuelwise card or for more information, please contact Clive Edgar on 02870 327800 or by email at

For a full list of participating sites, please visit 

Don’t delay, the sooner you apply, the sooner you can start saving!

To find out more, download the Fuelwise flyer

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